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Previously: Will performed Gunnar's song without his permission, and Gunnar was pissed. Also, Gunnar and Zoey were getting along suspiciously well. Rayna had some lasting throat problems from her coma intubation and cancelled the remainder of the Red Lips White Lies tour, leaving Juliette to invite Layla Grant to open for her. Juliette also insulted Avery when he overheard her saying that he wasn't a boy/friend -- just on the payroll. Deacon got frisky with the hot lady lawyer who got him out of jail, and Tandy gave a heap of evidence against Lamar to the feds when she realized that he probably killed her mom. You know… as you do.

We enter with Scarlett hearing footsteps and saying to Deacon that there's coffee in the kitchen. Except it isn't Deacon who emerged from Deacon's bedroom -- it's hot lady lawyer, wearing one of his shirts. Her name actually is Megan, which I had to Google to remember. But is that something we REALLY have to hold in our brains for any length of time? I'm going to guess no and recap accordingly. Deacon rushes out (gratuitously shirtless -- thanks, show!), noting that Scarlett was supposed to stay at Zoey's place. She just laughs at him and heads out to media training (because she needs it), telling him that she's happy to see he's moved on. Deacon apologizes to hot lady lawyer, I guess because he thinks the sight of a bumpkin niece with her scraggly weave might make her sophisticated ass uncomfortable. But she's fine, and the two of them are in… something. Hot lady lawyer has to go since she has a busy day at the office, and Deacon notes that everyone has stuff to do except for him, and he'll likely spend his time reading the instruction book for his new deep fryer. How is it that he makes having a deep fryer sound so sexy? Like, what would you give to spend a Thursday night deep frying some shit with this guy? Anyway, hot lady lawyer seems a little uncomfortable, but at least doesn't suggest that he sue the city again.

Meanwhile, Rayna is working with her vocal therapist. She sings a thing and then says that her voice is still "catching" and feels tight. The vocal therapist says that this can happen with scar tissue, adding that healing is halted by anxiety, which could be why Rayna is feeling tense and tight. They then do some exercises so that Rayna can feel "resonance in her mask." IS THAT A METAPHOR? In any case, her throat might be busted but her manicure looks on point, per usual.

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