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So...Graham is who, Menelaus?

Dude. Whatever happened to Devon Odessa, anyway?

Fade up on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" on TV. The counter the bottom right-hand corner of the screen says "11:59:07," and as it counts towards midnight, the camera pulls back to show Angela "Mod Squad" Chase leaning on her hand pensively, lit only by the blue flicker of the TV. AVO mentions that, "as, like, a New Year's resolution," she's thinking she should stop getting "so caught up in [her] own thoughts," because she's, like, "way too introspective." Heh.

In another blue-lit living room, Sharon "Shoot The Moon" Cherski clutches an afghan to her chest. Bare-shouldered and tousle-haired, she VOs grimly that she resolves never to have sex again, with Kyle or with anyone else, unless it's someone she loves and respects. Pan over to bare-shouldered Kyle, who watches TV slack-jawed. Kyle VO: "Spend more time with the dog. And Sharon." Kyle scootches over to Sharon and rests his head on her shoulder; Sharon looks uncomfortable.

Mr. "…" Katimski VOs, "Give up coffee. There, that's an easy one." He chuckles to himself.

Through the fish tank, we see Brian "My Girl 2" Krakow slumped on his bed. He resolves to stop obsessing about Angela.

Danielle "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves" Chase, wearing a paper New Year's hat, resolves to "badger" her mother into letting her wear make-up; she passes a bowl of popcorn to Rickie "Supernova" Vasquez, who resolves while looking around the Chase living room to "find someplace where I, like, really belong." The popcorn goes to Angela next, and AVO says that she'd "better rethink this becoming-less-introspective thing," because it might make her a shallow person; Angela grabs a handful of popcorn and passes the bowl to Rayanne "On Edge" Graff, who vows to "stop drinking. But this time, like, really stop."

Upstairs, Patty "That Darn Cat" Chase twirls a champagne flute absently in her fingers, deciding to "be less judgmental, less critical…to lighten up and, above all, to be more supportive and less suspicious, no matter how much it sometimes seems…like he's hiding something," and she turns to fix Graham "When Husbands Cheat" Chase with a judgmental, critical, suspicious look. Graham, meanwhile, glowers at his champagne while resolving firmly to tell Hallie Lowenthal "once and for all" that he's not going into the restaurant business with her, "and to stop all those long talks with her after class." After that last part, he smiles faintly.

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My So-Called Life




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