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Didn't we? Didn't we have a time?

Fade up on "Sting" Rayanne Graff with a Tootsie Pop jammed in her right cheek. Off-screen, Mrs. Krzyzanowksi tells her, "So, Rayanne. You've got thirty-three days." "Thirty-three do what?" Rayanne asks, popping the pop out of her mouth. Mrs. K tells her that "it's an AA? It means you've been clean and sober for over a month." Rayanne sits up and says eagerly that she feels, "like, really good," and she picks up a paddle toy from the table next to her and starts playing with it. "This is kind of a dangerous time," Mrs. K tells her gently. Rayanne doesn't seem to hear her. Mrs. K furrows her brow.

Angela "Wild Goose" Chase, walking down the hall. AVO reminds us that she and Jordan "Hell" Catalano had "pretty much broken up," but that Jordan still knew her locker combo. Angela watches -- in a dreamy manner that she probably thinks she's disguising, but totally isn't -- as Jordan opens her locker, then slumps moodily against the locker adjacent to it; Angela adopts her best let-me-be-your-Florence-Nightingale tone and asks, "What's wrong?" "Nothing," Jordan says, "It's just..." AVO fills in, "You need me. You must have me as your own. You can't live another second knowing others could possess me." Ha! I must admit that Sars VO has filled in those very words in similar situations. Of course, Jordan finishes his thought much more prosaically: "I could kill Tino." Angela rolls her eyes at herself.

Back to Mrs. K's office. Rayanne and Mrs. K debate whether she has an oral fixation, and Rayanne has a theory on how she became that way, because Amber claims to have breast-fed her, but Rayanne has "serious doubts" about that: "I mean, you should see her boobs. They are so firm." Mrs. K adopts a nonplused look. "Lolly?" Rayanne asks. "Um, sure," Mrs. K stammers, and says that she knows Rayanne has elected not to continue her sessions with Mrs. K, but Rayanne interrupts again, holding out a fistful of lollipops to Mrs. K and mumbling that after thirty days, "it's optional, right?" Mrs. K needs to know that Rayanne "has a support system in place." "I don't need a support system, I got friends," Rayanne grumps. Mrs. K sits beside Rayanne, puts a stack of pamphlets (presumably of the "So You're An Alcoholic" genre) beside her, and says that "that's exactly why [she's] raising this," and didn't Rayanne tell her that she'd felt "some distance from her friends since, you know, the incident?" "What incident?" Rayanne asks. "I'm talking about the night you nearly died, the night Angela's mother rushed you to the hospital," Mrs. K reminds her gently, and Rayanne laughs and shakes her head, but Mrs. K talks over her: "Now, didn't you tell me that, since that night, you've felt some distance between yourself and your friend Angela?" Mrs. K unwraps a lollipop as Rayanne explains she and Angela just don't see each other that much at the moment, because "there's this guy, that she's, like, [rolls eyes] 'involved with.'" Rayanne adds that Angela wouldn't even have the guy "if it wasn't for me." Mrs. K confirms skeptically that Rayanne doesn't feel "any awkwardness" around Angela, and Rayanne semi-unconvincingly scoffs that "the thing about Angela is, even with this stupid obsession with this guy, she's like, totally there for me." Hear that splashing sound? That's Foreshadowing, using up the last of my raspberry bubble bath.

Hallway. Rayanne asks "Darling" Rickie Vasquez, "So where's Angela?" Rickie pointedly ignores the question in favor of reading aloud from one of the pamphlets Mrs. K gave to Rayanne, "Whatever you do, don't take the first drink." Rayanne gets off a line about "AA propaganda," and Rickie says that he thought Rayanne liked Mrs. K: "You said she was sensitive." "Sensitive wears thin," Rayanne intones gravely. Rickie hands her the pamphlet, and she waves him off with, "Keep it, I don't need it," and sighs, "So, she's with Catalano again, huh?" "Well, it is, like, the weirdest break-up in history," Rickie reminds her. "She's the one who needs a shrink," Rayanne cracks, feeding Rickie a piece of candy.

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