My Own Worst Enemy

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Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone
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Hey everybody, welcome to round two! Either Edward or Henry is in really bad shape (read: sweaty and squinty-eyed; not bloody) on a gurney, with Mavis standing over him explaining he's inhaled something ridiculous called "Zombie Cucumber," which has put his heart into abnormal rhythms. He has 60 seconds to live! Unless Mavis zaps him with chest paddles, that is. And judging by the slow and condescending way she's explaining things, my money's on the gurney man being Henry.

Fade to black -- "36 Hours Earlier." Tony is explaining to Edward that his Henry chip is located in his temporal lobe, and for this reason cannot be removed or replaced. I don't know anything about brains, so I'm just going to take his word for it. The problem he's experiencing is a circuitry one, and he can't fix it. Edward's very concerned about that information getting out and about in the office, so he puts a little Vulcan Nerve Pinch action on Tony, who swears he won't tell anyone. Except for Mavis and Raymond and Henry, who all already know, and who knows who else, but OK. Tony won't tell anyone.

They are interrupted by Mavis, who has swung by Tony's lab to state that very same fact, and to give Edward some plane tickets to Berlin. His flight leaves in an hour. Oh, I hope he's going to one of their world famous raves!

Nighttime in Berlin. Edward is black-clad and sneaking around some foliage with Raymond. Since they're clearly on some top-secret mission, this is the perfect time for Edward to call his wife and fairly loudly explain how lame his German business trip is. Their conversation ends with her saying, "I love you," and Edward responding, "I'm not sending you back any time soon." Because... he doesn't want to lie to her and say he loves her? I guess? That's an odd choice of words, especially if Henry normally returns the "I love you." And I'm sure Edward is more than capable of selling the lie. Either way, I'm spending way too much time on this already. Moving on.

Raymond disables a security laser surrounding the perimeter of what looks like one of those uber hip, pre-fab houses you see advertised in Dwell, and they quickly scurry up to the house, with Raymond voicing concerns over the possibility of Henry showing up during the mission. Also kind of loudly. This operation does turn out to be pretty low risk, but I just can't believe they'd send Raymond out alone with this loose cannon. They could both be killed. But, that's the point of the show and I know I should just suck it up and get used to it. Disbelief: consider yourself suspended until further notice.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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