My Own Worst Enemy
That is Not My Son

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Sacrificial Lambs and Sideline Ho's
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Death of a Fake F.B.I. Agent revisited. We see Henry's railroad yard exchange with the decoy from last week and Skinner shooting him again. Henry slicks back his hair in disbelief and horror as Skinner explains to Henry that the F.B.I. agent was a Janus plant called a "Watcher," sent by Janus' internal police force, Systems Management. But she's a psychiatrist, how does she know that? Because she happens to be the head of Systems Management, Henry! Now get yourself together and help her dump the body into a corrosive agent before Trumble finds it, will you?

Edward is greeted the next morning by the Spivey German Shepherd, who instinctively hates him. What is with pop culture and dogs "knowing things," by the way? Domestic dogs love everybody, even Terminators I bet, if they existed. If I had a split personality, there's no way a dog that loved the normal me would know the fake me by sight alone and hate her, especially if the fake me had access to cookies or squeaky toys. Anyway.

Edward finds Angie in the kitchen. She has a secret to share -- Mary thinks Tom is having an affair. Edward says that's ridiculous, and Angie agrees, but says Mary won't listen to her and that she's hired a private investigator to tail Tom. I should point out that Edward's "Oh shit!" face is a lot sexier than Henry's. Christian Slater is truly an artist.

Angie says their son Jack has guitar lessons after school. On the way out, Edward bumps into Jack and notices that his knuckles look like ground beef, and Jack mumbles some excuse about how he tripped on something at school. And landed on the back of his hand. Mostly on the knuckle area. OK. He may be a bad ass like Edward, but he's about as quick a thinker as Henry.

Edward leaves Henry a voicemail about how Jack is totally lying about taking guitar lessons, because "You don't get bruised knuckles like that from playing 'A Horse with No Name.'" Sweet America reference, Edward! I know if I were a teenage boy taking guitar lessons in 2008, that's the first band I'd be desperate to master. Well, them and Foghat.

Edward concludes with "But he's a great liar, so chalk one up for my side of the gene pool." And I say, "Is not! Is not!"

He then gets on the horn with Mavis to tattle about Mary's private investigator, saying if the guy's any good, he could lead himself to Raymond. Mavis casually says Raymond's currently M.I.A., and has been for the past 20 hours. Edward says he's on his way in, and Mavis stops him to warn him about the missing watcher, who was watching him. Edward denies killing him - and he's telling the truth; he really doesn't know about Skinner and Henry's corrosive agents party last night - but Mavis says Trumble thinks he did, and that he's suspended Edward pending further investigation. "If Henry shows up during that investigation, you're as good as dead." Mavis advises Edward to act natural and just go into AJ Sun as Henry and carry out his work day for the time being.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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