My Own Worst Enemy

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Two Grand for a Hoochie Dress?
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Hospital hallway. Henry is running the hell outside (in slow-motion, awesomely) after seeing the bloody corpse of his doctor splayed out on the ground. He's understandably freaked out, so he leaves Edward a mean voicemail about it, calling him all kinds of names like "monster" and "I'm going to kill the monster" and "you're the worst" and whatnot. It all sounds awfully foolish, but I'm pretty sure Edward won't be too bothered by it, considering it would be impossible for Henry to kill Edward without also killing Henry.

Back at Spivey Manor, probably the next morning, Henry is watching Edward's rebuttal video. Edward tells Henry that the doctor was killed because Henry exposed him to sensitive information, and that, for the millionth time, Henry can't talk about Janus to anyone. For realsies. No take-backs.

That emotionless robot Angie comes in with the morning paper and an actual hint of emotion as she shows Henry the story of his doctor being murdered. Henry nervously asks if they know who did it, and Angie says not yet, but that some drugs were stolen so they think it may have been a robbery. Henry does not look put at ease in the slightest by this.

Dr. Skinner's office. Henry is doing his weekly dancing around the split spy personality thing by telling her he's very upset about a friend of his being murdered, and that he thinks he knows who did it, but if he tells the police what he knows his life will be ruined, but he can't tell her why and skirty skirty skirty. She's totally screaming "I know everything about Edward, you crackhead!" with her eyes, but also playing the dancing around Edward game. These scenes are so weird, and (spoiler alert!) I'm glad they're going to be over with after this episode. In other news, I'm jealous of Skinner's hot bangs.

Suburban drama at Spivey Manor. The fridge is busted, Ruthy needs a new dress for Ella Salzberg's bat mitzvah and Angie has to go have emergency girl talk with Tom's wife, so can you deal with first two crises, Henry? He absent-mindedly agrees, and I guess he's still in shock over the dead doctor because he's looking at all the fridge's contents laid out on the kitchen island like they're alien human pods. Which brings me to this: if the fridge is broken, do you really have to take everything out of it? Why? Will the repairman not fix it if your gross leftovers are inside? Wouldn't you just leave everything in it and not open the doors until it's fixed to preserve the perishables as long as possible, like you do in a power outage? I ask you this.

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My Own Worst Enemy




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