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Flashback to Henry calling his wife before Uzi arrived to say he'll meet her at the soccer game. Before he goes up to change, he opens a FedEx package containing a CD. He pops it in his laptop, and we sees the extended version of the spy vlog that opened the episode, with Edward explaining that the GPS tracker would be in the trunk of his car, then cut to...

Alfre Woodard's office. Edward swipes in as "Edward," but he's actually Henry pretending to be Edward. He returns The Marbles to her, explaining that they should keep him around because he does a pretty good impression of his alter ego. He's right, and she knows it. We assume he leaves her office with his memory intact.

Another session with Saffron Burrows. I can't really tell if Henry actually believes she's not a part of this whole spy company or if he's just trying to sell the fact that he can keep his cover on straight to as many operatives as possible, but he's telling her he doesn't think his Edward dream was real anymore, and that the matchbook could have come from anywhere.

Now it's Henry's turn to spy vlog. Edward is in the swingin' spy loft watching Henry's video explaining that the Uzi situation went well, and that this whole thing is "a lot to process." He wants to know why Edward volunteered for this program, he wants to know how many others like them there are out there, and most importantly, he wants him to know there's "an incredible difference" between driving somebody's car, and driving somebody's wife. Edward turns off the video, like, "Yeah, I'm still gonna hit that whenever I want... but I love you, Henry!" They are best friends for life.

Next week: More zany spy antics!

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My Own Worst Enemy




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