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Henry gets in The Elevator, where he is joined by Tom, who is in Tom-mode right now, as opposed to Raymond-mode. They are having one of those superficial co-worker conversations that everybody hates, but Henry is in no mood. He starts asking Tom all these serious questions about his parents and background, and Tom reveals that he's an orphan (they make the best spies!). Henry says that his parents died in a car wreck, and Tom goes all Raymond and stops the elevator, aggressively explaining to Henry that that's how Edward's parents died, not his. Henry needs to stick with his cover and not act like a weirdo. They are going to see Alfre Woodard now. Raymond is totally telling mom!

Nerdy tech guy has Henry on a gurney surrounded by some vague medical equipment in a blindingly white room like the one in The Matrix where they pick out their Matrix mission guns. They are erasing all of Henry's memories of Edward, and the previous day's events, because he can't keep his cover to himself and they don't want to have to kill him. Which, I mean, isn't really true. He was just asking Raymond some questions, it isn't like he told his wife or started asking other people in the office questions about their cover before he knew they were in on it. Anyway, Henry is still freaked out, and he doesn't appreciate this at all. Too late! A glowing crystal orb is placed over Henry's head and voila! Adios, memories of Edward!

Back at Henry's boring house. Henry's calling his wife to tell her he's going to be late for the soccer game Edward was going on about in his spy vlog in the beginning of the episode. He goes upstairs and changes clothes, then runs down when the doorbell rings. Henry answers it to find a surprisingly only-kind-of-burned Uzi! He says hi to Henry, but Henry has no idea who he is. A thug comes up behind him, puts a bag over Henry's head and drags him into the kitchen. Ohhhh, nooooo! I'm scared again.

Henry is seriously duct-taped to a kitchen stool, and Uzi is explaining that he's going to start asking him questions, and every time Henry lies to him, he's going to execute a member of his family. Uzi is asking for "my case," and calling him Edward. Henry of course does not remember meeting Uzi a couple days ago, and certainly doesn't remember any cases, but under pressure he admits to Uzi that he might be two people. Memory erasure is no match for the spy vlog, Alfre Woodard. Is no one monitoring Edward's Myspace?

Henry takes Uzi and the thugs out to his Dadmobile, and explains that there are items in there he can't explain. A shovel, a GPS tracker, and some other things. Henry turns on the GPS tracker to see where whoever used it last went. He went out to the middle of the desert, apparently, where Uzi is now making Henry dig a very large hole. After some light hole-digging banter and several shots of a very sweaty and somehow still sexy after all these years Christian Slater doing manual labor, he finds "the case!" He throws the case up to Uzi, who has his thug open it for him, lest it's booby-trapped. The case opens without a hitch and Uzi is psyched, saying that he'll be sure to let Henry's wife know that he was a decent guy before he kills her. Ohhh, noooo! It seems Uzi has gone back on his gimme-that-case-and-I-let-you-all-live promise, surprisingly. But hang on a second! Henry called the case "Feinberg's Marbles," which Uzi never said to Henry. Henry victoriously explains that though he and Edward can't meet, they can communicate. Oh, and that Edward had a message for Uzi: "Das vidanya." Henry presses a button on the GPS tracker and KABLOOM! The explosives he or (most likely) Edward had set up around the perimeter of the hole earlier detonate, and Uzi and the thug are blown to smithereens! Yay Henry!

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My Own Worst Enemy




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