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The next day at Henry's office. He is greeted by his co-worker Tom, played by Mike O'Malley, former host of Nickelodeon's awesome '90s series Guts!. They exchange pleasantries and he reveals himself to be lecherous about the office ladies. Mindy Sterling bounds in and explains that Henry is needed in Albany because some boring corporate shit is hitting the fan over there. Henry departs for fake Albany, but as he's getting in the elevator Mindy Sterling says, "Spivey's in the box," into her comms right in front of him, and he asks who she's talking to. "You say that every time," she says, shaking her head, which is both terrifyingly creepy and delightful. I think she's secretly my favorite so far.

In the elevator, nerdy tech man puts Henry to sleep, and Edward meets Alfre Woodard (I swear they haven't said her character's name yet. I could be wrong, but I've yet to learn it) in what looks to be their version of The Situation Room. Time out for a major quibble. I'm sure we'll learn it soon, but I need to know what the hell this organization is. Are they CIA? Are they some secret government branch they made up? Are they independent of the government and freelance like Charlie's Angels? What? Give me a point of reference here, please. Anyway. He's incredulous that she's sending "Raymond" after Uzi. She says it's because unlike Edward, Raymond can follow orders. Apparently she's worried Edward might have sex with Uzi for three hours and then shoot him in the face like the maverick he is. Also, Uzi has put a $10 million price on Edward's head for shooting Natasha. He convinces Alfre Woodard that this is personal now, and that he should go after Uzi himself, and Raymond should go after "the marbles" instead.

Moscow. Edward is perched on a high vantage point in a warehouse window, all sniper'd out. He confirms to his comms that the target (Uzi) is in range, and we learn that his callsign is -- hee! -- Avenger. Love it. [I prefer "Hard Harry." - Zach] A bunch of Russian thugs get out of limos on the ground, and he says he has a clear shot, but whoever's in the van tells him to hold off on taking the shot for some reason, and -- oh, no! Henry showed up! Brain chip technology! It's worse than Vista! Henry is understandably very freaked out that a second ago he was going to Albany to do something boring and now he's poised to assassinate some Russians he's never seen before in his life. In his confusion he accidentally misfires a couple times, and the Russians start shooting back. Henry runs. I am scared!

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My Own Worst Enemy




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