We Watches Some of the Watchmen Movie

by Zach Oat October 8, 2008
Watchmen First Look

- The Comedian dropping from his perch on the front of the Owlship during the riots.

- Nixon in his war room.

- Laurie walking through the tenement fire.

- A giant Dr. Manhattan reaching down through the domed ceiling of Adrian Veidt's Antarctic fortress to grab Ozymandias.

- Laurie and Dan Dreiberg in the throes of passion on board the Owlship.

- Dan's dream sequence, in which he and Laurie kiss while a nuclear bomb goes off in the background.

The screening room lights go back on as the audience's brains finish melting in wonderment.

Read what director Zack Snyder and co-creator Dave Gibbons revealed about the graphic novel's long journey to the big screen.

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