We Watches Some of the Watchmen Movie

by Zach Oat October 8, 2008
Watchmen First Look

The Owlship swoops over the prison, which is lit up, as alarms sound and rioting prisoners can be seen running to and fro and fighting with guards. A shot of the prison rooftop is broken as Silk Spectre rolls into frame and stops. She looks up at the ship, which is soaring away as Nite Owl glides into frame on his cape. Man, that's straight out of a Batman movie. But how else are you going to glide in a cape, if not like Batman? They walk into the cellblock, and no one seems to notice them. A group of cons are shouting at the end of the hall and trying to get into a guard's glass-encased booth. One of the cons finally notices the duo, and charges down the hall at them. He is quickly dispatched. They come one or two at a time now, and Nite Owl and Spectre take them down one by one, like Batman and his really hot, stiletto heel-wearing Robin. At one point, Spectre crouches down, and Nite Owl steps on her back to launch himself into a flying kick. By the time they get to the end of the hall, they've taken down 20 or 30 convicts. The guard comes out of his booth and points a gun at them, but Spectre knocks him out. What a jerk!

At this point, we see Big Figure, the dwarf crime boss who was put in prison by Rorschach, running in fear. (He's played by Danny Woodburn, "Mickey" of Seinfeld fame.) Presumably, his henchman have just been horribly killed by Rorschach, and he knows he's next. Sure enough, Rorschach is close behind, and when Big Figure enters a bathroom, Rorschach goes to follow, but is stopped by Nite Owl and Spectre, who have just rounded the corner. In a gravelly voice not unlike the voice Christian Bale uses when he's Batman, Rorschach says he'll just be a minute; he needs to use the restroom. His rescuers exchange glances, as if to say, "Can you believe this guy, going to the bathroom at a time like this?" They should have been looking at the door, though, because once Rorschach goes through, it swings back open wide enough for us to see him backing Big Figure into a corner, and drawing a knife. He comes out a moment later, after apparently flushing the toilet, and they leave. Behind them, a lake of blood gushes out from under the door. Poor Mickey. The Owlship flies off, leaving the prison behind.


The last clip Zack Snyder showed us was a collection of short shots, almost like a trailer -- it was definitely promotional, since it ended on the release date. While some of the clips have been seen in the first trailer, others were new, or at least continuations of scenes we had seen, including:

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