We Watches Some of the Watchmen Movie

by Zach Oat October 8, 2008
Watchmen First Look

- The Minutemen are shown enjoying a dinner together, with the Silk Spectre (I) pregnant at the center, the Comedian leering at her on her right and her husband/agent Laurence Schexnayder on her left. The entire tableau resembles The Last Supper.

- Mothman is dragged to a white ambulance by two orderlies. Mothman is kicking and screaming, and bites one of the orderlies on the arm.

- Silhouette and another woman, in lingerie (maybe her nurse friend?), are seen lying on a bed with gunshot wounds to the head, as the police set up lights to investigate the crime scene. Scrawled on the wall, possibly in blood, are the words "Lesbian Whores."

- A man walks out of a room and pulls on his jacket, rubbing a freckled, red-headed boy's head as he walks by. Another man, who was waiting and reading a newspaper about Russia having nuclear weapons, gets up form his chair and walks into the room, where a woman is waiting. The boy is Rorschach, and the woman is his mother, and she may not know it, but she's creating a vigilante.

- A John F. Kennedy lookalike shakes hands with Dr. Manhattan, wearing a suit, on the lawn of the White House.

- In a motorcade, JFK is shot. We pan away from the car speeding off to the Comedian, who is behind a nearby fence, lowering his rifle to walk away.

- Silk Spectre argues with her husband as young Laurie looks on. We pan over to a snowglobe, which she may or may not break later, depending on how much more Zach Snyder needs to cut to get the running time the studio wants.

- Two criminals are found tied to a fire hydrant, unconscious, and we pan down to see a note left at the scene with Rorschach's face drawn on it.

- Fidel Castro and some Russian officials watch as planes streak across the skies over Moscow, and we pan down to see missile transports driving in parade formation down the street.

- In a reference to the 1967 anti-war demonstration that produced this photo, a female, hippie-looking protestor walks up to aimed rifles held by American soldiers, and puts a flower in one of the barrels. We see a close-up of the flower going in, followed immediately by the rifles being discharged. It can be presumed that the woman and many other protestors are killed. Man, this alternate reality seemed awesome until that happened.

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