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Luke opens the show to inform us that he's taking all four remaining girls on solo dates that aren't really solo dates because their families will be there, too. What a terrible date. What a terrible family. I know my family wouldn't appear on this show. They'd be way too embarrassed. They would have already moved to another country and the show wouldn't be able to get in contact with them because they would have also changed their names. Anyway, Mandy can't wait to see Luke because when she's around him, she doesn't feel insecure about her body. Shouldn't a fitness instructor be reasonably secure about her body, though? All of her clients have probably dropped her by now. And moved to another country. And changed their names. Much to Mandy's chagrin, Tali gets Luke's first note. "I've been waiting for this for so long!" she says. Like all of two weeks. Probably less. Come on now. Luke's girly handwriting tells her their date will have something to do with racing.

After giving us the usual speech about how horrible her life has been due to her weight that she apparently has no control over so it's everyone else's fault, Tali meets Luke outside. Tali says that dating a "bigger" man makes her feel more secure. More secure that he'll die early from a heart attack or diabetes complications? Luke and Tali arrive at a Go-Kart racing track that Luke hopes will show him Tali's less serious and more fun side. I'm pretty sure I saw that Go-Kart track on an episode of CSI. Luke squeezes into his Go-Kart and says he might need a "two-seater" as a sarcastic rimshot sound effect plays because obviously the editors are just as sick of Luke's one-liners as I am. As soon as they start to race, Tali turns awesome. She is super-competitive and bumping Luke off the track and then calling him a sucker as she passes him. But then she drives directly into a wall. Oops! Luke finds her competitive side "sexy." Until she actually beats him at something, at which point it's a deal-breaker.

After the Go-Karts, Luke and Tali sit down to eat. Her aunt and uncle walk in to surprise her with the food and Tali is so into the food (cause she's overweight, y'all!) that she doesn't even notice who's serving it for a few seconds. After Tali is done crying, the aunt and uncle sit down and the aunt gets right on in there with asking Luke to convert to Judaism. Okay, she asked him what Tali's Israeli background "means" to him, but that's pretty much it. I have enough Jewish relatives to know the deal here. Luke says that love can conquer all problems that two different cultures would present. Uncle Leo interviews that he doesn't know if Tali's family will "accept" Luke. But no one will actually come right out and say the Jewish thing. They just keep saying "Israeli" and "cultural background." Tali interviews that she didn't really appreciate her uncle starting in with all the problems she and Luke might have down the road. For real. Shut up, Uncle Leo. Unless he's trying to sabotage things on purpose because he doesn't want his niece to marry a tool, in which case, you are awesome, Uncle Leo.

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