Veronica's Dad Is Back in a Flash

by Angel Cohn July 8, 2008
The Enrico Colantoni Interview

From badass private detective Keith Mars to badass task force honcho Sgt. Gregory Parker Enrico Colantoni has cornered the market on cool guys with guns. Or at least that's what we were hoping when we saw that Colantoni had joined the new CBS show Flashpoint. Instead, he's sort of a mediator and we just had to get to the bottom of why he wasn't shooting more people or wittily bantering with his adorable daughter. However, the charming Colantoni nearly made us forget the point of our call, which was to extract Veronica Mars tidbits and find out how he went from being a goofball on Just Shoot Me to the straight man on Flashpoint... almost.

TWoP: So I watched your new show.

EC: You did? You saw the pilot?

TWoP: I did. I wanted to see a little bit more of you with guns.

EC: Yeah. That's coming... I was sort of jumped into the pilot, they really didn't know what to do with that character. When they picked up the series, he's needed in it a lot more from episode two on.

TWoP:That's exactly what I wanted to hear. More Enrico...YAY! You have no idea...I didn't even look at the plot of the show, I was just like, "Oh, he's on it, I'll be watching it. Set my TIVO now."

EC: [Laughs.] That's awesome. So what did you think of it just as a pilot?

TWoP: I liked it as a pilot, but I kind of enjoy that sort of action-kidnapping genre.

EC: It's exciting. It's really, really cool. I think Anne Marie [La Traverse], the executive producer... Thank God there is a woman running this ship, because we would just be so much testosterone. I don't know how you know we would survive it all.

TWoP: Right... it could be fun, though.

EC: I know, I know. But a little balance in there is always good.

TWoP: Well, you have a girl on your team, that's good.

EC: [Laughs.]

TWoP: I don't really think of girls in that high-intensity occupation.

EC: There's one or two of them around like that, in real life.

TWoP: How much research did you have to do about this kind of job?

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