The Glee Premiere

by Angel Cohn May 20, 2009
Special Sneak Peek: Glee

Fox is premiering, or rather, previewing their new show Glee months in advance of the next episode. The show will actually start as part of the fall lineup, but the network decided to take advantage of the American Idol juggernaut to expose this show. And while I'm annoyed to have to wait for another installment, it isn't the worst idea of all time. Anyway, on with the recapping.

Any show that opens with a cheerleading sequence makes me immediately think of Bring It On. That's not an entirely bad thing. Also not a bad thing? Jane Lynch. Her dry humor is always spot-on. No exception here when she tells the faltering squad that if they want something hard, they should try being waterboarded. That sentiment would have been hysterical if that hadn't been in the commercials for the last six months.

Matthew Morrison (who I stalked loved when he was in Hairspray on Broadway) shows up at school all dressed in teacher gear. He asks a dweeby kid if he's making some new friends. Given that Kurt is surrounded by a bunch of menacing looking jocks, not so much. Mr. Schuester continues on his way, pausing only to question lead jock, Finn, about a homework assignment. Once the grown-ups are out of sight, the jocks commence with tossing Kurt in the dumpster, though Finn kindly agrees to let him remove his Marc Jacobs jacket before he gets trashed. Thoughtful. In my day they would have given you a swirly without taking off your designer fashions.

Shot of peppy cheerleader (seems to be a recurring interstitial theme). Then we see Mr. Schuester staring longingly at the chorus and glee trophies in the hallway. Next shot is of him teaching Spanish. After the bell rings, we see a teen boy singing "Where Is Love" from Oliver, while the teacher (Stephen Tobolowsky) pseudo-molests him and a very angry-looking girl looks on. In the teachers' lounge, they all complain about the lack of coffee, when Jane Lynch comes in bearing lattes. A peppy little redheaded teacher smiles at Will (Prof. Schuester) and glares at Jane Lynch. Apparently the coffee was cut to bring in a nutritionist for the cheerleading squad. There's a lovely little rivalry between the peppy redhead (Emma) and the bitchy squad leader (Sue). Ken Tanaka asks Emma why she didn't go to a singles mixer. She makes up some clearly bogus excuse. Then she informs the group that Sandy Reyerson, the chorus teacher, got fired. Will wants to know who will be taking over glee club. He makes a visit to Principal Figgins, who says that it is a sinking ship and that in order to keep the glee club running, Will will have to pay the school $60 a month to run the program.

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