Life After Mars

by Miss Alli June 7, 2007
Fame Audit: The Cast Of Veronica Mars

We're as sad as you are that they couldn't figure out a way to keep Veronica Mars (1) consistently good; and (2) on the air. But who's even sadder? The cast, now out of work and in that odd trap where cultish fans are devoted enough to see you again, but not necessarily to see you again doing anything else. Many of them were fairly fresh faces when the show bowed, so their prospects are particularly hard to predict...but we're not above making a few predictions.

Name: Kristen Bell
Age: 26
Occupation: Actor; pistol
Non-Veronica Experience: 14 movies, though one of them is Pootie Tang

Assessment: Bell stands to lose the most with Veronicas' cancellation, but she also stands to gain the most. She's in next year's Forgetting Sarah Marshall, written by Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother and Knocked Up) and thus adjacent to the Judd Apatow juggernaut (he's credited as a producer). Bell shakes up an interesting cocktail of pixie cuteness and satisfying fury, and there may be a place for her in the movies, even though last year's Pulse didn't exactly elevate her to Love-Hewittian horror stardom. Barring that, we hear the Pussycat Dolls are looking for someone.

Assets: With this fall's Gossip Girl, Bell will have the cachet of being a network show's unseen narrator.

Liabilities: Bob Saget already does.

Current approximate level of fame: Alexis Bledel
Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Veronica: Lauren Graham

Name: Enrico Colantoni
Age: 44
Occupation: Actor; idealized dad
Non-Veronica Experience: 15 movies, plenty of television and theater

Assessment: The challenge for Colantoni is that he's not quite conventionally dreamy enough to be a Hot Dad, but he's not strange enough to be a quirky character actor. That's why Keith Mars was such a good role for him: Keith was cool, but he wasn't chased around by a bevy of horny, purse-waving MILFs. He's a talented actor, fiercely beloved by Veronica's fans, and he's found plenty of guesting TV work over the years -- and that's not even getting into all the theater he's done. But before this, his regular gig was Just Shoot Me!, and it would be sad to see him stuck in a seventh-floor walk-up in that neighborhood again. We're sure there's a right next move for him, because there must be, but it's not coming to us.

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