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Shania, I'm Allergic To Mayo
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Karen is now fabricating medical notes about her boyfriend who she let his wife euthanize, just to make absolutely sure all of her lying testimony contradicts itself. April finally got her boots knocked after three years, thank God, although something tells me her luck isn't going to last with Hot Dad/Richard. Joss is laboring under this horrible new boss who expects her to do things such as work for her paycheck and dress like a grown-up lady rather than a baby prostitute, so that's going great. Oh, and Savannah walked into her bedroom and told her husband that she was pregnant, maybe even with his baby if they're lucky. That part was rad.


Karen: "So hold up. By 'everything' you mean..."
Savi: "Do you really not understand what that word means?"
Karen: "I'm Karen Kim. Maybe I don't, maybe I just want to hear this whole shit again and bask in not being the most fucked-up person we know."
Savi: "Okay, I told him I cheated on him, with Dominic, and I'm pregnant, but I don't know who the father is."
Ladies: "And then what?"
Savi: "And then he went to work. Have you not seen this show before? That is how literally every conversation in this household ends."
Ladies: "And so the paternity test, has he thrown an odd fit about that? Because there's no reason he would, honestly, but we're all acting like it's shocking."
Savi: "Well, I lied to him about it just in case, and stole his razor."

April: "Eat these donuts!"
Joss: "I don't know about any of this, please don't tell me."
April: "Okay, let's tell Joss her favorite subject. I had sex! On a bed in my store that costs $699 plus tax."
Karen: "Thank you for including that detail! It really made the story come alive for me."
Joss: "I love talking about sex! It reminds me of sex."
April: "Oh shit we all have jobs."

Joss takes the only jelly doughnut, which causes Savi to smack the box in a wonderful, spastic way, and they head out. Karen and Savannah stick around, because they can't remember if they have jobs or not because the answer is: Kind of.


The entire office is watching people across the way have sex because apparently they're filming a porno across the street from Olivier's office. They all stare and salivate through the blinds, like when the sex man used to drink the Diet Coke.

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