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Joss finally bought her way into Olivier's affections with her ingenious portrayal of a grown-ass woman -- then doubled down by avoiding his advances, en fran├žais, only stoking the fires. April showed compassion for her stupid dead husband by showing him pictures of their daughter and telling him to GTFO, and also broke up with Richard for getting his ass beat by the ghostly marauder. Mostly, though: Karen ignored Natalie Wade's insistence that she manufacture an alibi for the night of her dead lover's death, then made the mistake of sleeping with Sam Grey after he promised to provide one, but before he actually did.


Natalie Wade: "Try again, dipshit."
Karen: "...My name is Dr. Karen Kim. I have somehow been a psychiatrist for over 15 years, and let me tell you that I am fucking terrible at it. I established my current practice with Dr. Jacob Pollack [Not Lerner? Where did I get Lerner?] five years ago. Three years ago, I had an insomnia patient named Thomas Grey, for whom I prescribed..."
Dom: "Morphine?"
Karen: "No, that was way later. For him to commit sui..."
Natalie Wade: "I'm gonna stop you right there. Karen, what the fuck is wrong with you."
Karen: "Everything, Natalie Wade."
Natalie Wade: "I realize they have pharmacy records and stuff, but if you don't talk about it on the record now, they can't compare it to your previous statements and those diaries you faked that Jacob still doesn't understand how that worked. This is about your credibility, not a Wikipedia entry on everything that ever happened in the world."
Karen: "But I didn't presc..."
Natalie Wade: "As I have said multiple times, you plead the fifth. Morphine comes up, you plead the fifth. Affair comes up, you plead the fifth. Specific dates come up, you don't know or you don't recall."
Karen: "Won't that look suspicious?"
Natalie Wade: "Like you give a fuck."

She explains how it doesn't matter how Karen "looks" because there are no invisible people in the room watching this deposition, just four people you can see with normal eyes, and there is no jury to be weirded out by her -- it's just an eventual judge, who exists not now but in the future -- so why is she being an ass-ache about how she "looks" right now? (Spoiler alert, Karen will never grasp this concept. The entire episode is just her obsessing on the idea of invisible people in the room judging her on her ability to blow her own shit up or as she thinks of it, "being honest.")

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