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You Be Me & I'll Be You
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After a long day of blackmail and voyeurism, Bill was disconcerted to find that Libby had somehow managed to get pregnant after all. Also, this universal excuse/explanation/truth:

"Why would I insult you when you're all I think about?"


We open on a study subject, charming if a little self-impressed, discussing his ex-wife with Dr. Masters in a private, recorded session. It's the first time we've seen Bill go deep with a subject in this way, so you could be forgiven for assuming he does this all the time, or that it's a part of whatever phase comes next. But it's a lot less complicated than that, and a lot more complicated too. Walter McAddy isn't a man so much as a costume, an office; a man anyone could pretend to be.

Walter: "I mean, it's not like we both orgasm at the same time, every time, but yeah. She doesn't have any problems with that."
Masters: "And do you have a pretty regular routine?"
Walter: "She's adventurous, she likes to switch it up. But normally it starts with cunnilingus, and a fair amount of helpful encouragement, before... Is this the kind of stuff you want to hear?"

Yes, and no. It's not a question Bill can answer.


In a sprightly, alternating sequence, Bill and Gini run through their spiel with a variety of subjects -- men and women, young and old, nervous and more nervous -- and then the steps of what actually happens in the study: Your name gets indexed so you're randomized, you do the sexuality interview, you get a general physical. Then the clothes come off, the electrodes go on, and the subjects are asked to...

Masters: "Begin."

And because it's Bill, because he's still a babe in the woods, even after all this: "Thank you for coming."

I didn't want to know much about their lives, going into this. I didn't want to know what would happen to them, separately or together. But I know enough now, just from random mentions and stuff. And I'm struck still by just how much of an innocent he is. I thought Ethan was the stand-in for that strange boyish thing men have about bodies -- the worship and the shame, the fear that becomes fascination that becomes study; the belief that another person's body can ever be conquered, ever bring them any kind of existential comfort -- but knowing more about Bill's life -- more, now, than the Bill on the show -- it's amazing. He's such a beast. Such an incomplete, creepy person.

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