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Barton Scully: "It is some years later and you just graduated from medical school. I am something of a father figure to you, which is why we are barbecuing."
Baby Bill: "I would like to talk about the science of human sexuality. Which you probably could have guessed, due to me only talking about that, ever."
Scully: "It's time you understood that when you talk about this, you sound deranged."
Bill: "Do I? Or do I sound like the electric crackle of the future?"

Scully: "Okay here are my rules for you getting to study sex one day. First, wait twenty years until you are over forty. I know you are weird about sex and not a perv, but we can't explain that to everybody. So you have to be old."
Bill: "Done, I can wait twenty years no problem. What should I do during them?"
Scully: "Establish a practice at a world-class teaching hospital, doing something in a respectable field. Obstetrics, I'd say."
Bill: "It was that or Urology."
Scully: "You need a wife, like a Betty Draper fake wife so you look normal."
Bill: "You seem to know a lot about this."
Scully: "I have secrets obviously."


Bill: "That flashback reminds me of all the cultural capital I have been saving up for forty years while I made a whole life for myself just so I could eventually watch people masturbate and fuck each other, as my actual job."
Gini: "It's always so incredibly fucked up when you actually say things. I love it."
Bill: "Okay so I have delivered all the babies of all the rich white men in all of America. Surely that is a plus for us."
Gini: "I will call them and ask them for a favor. What will it be?"
Bill: "For them to bother my mentor, Barton Scully."
Gini: "And what will you be doing?"
Bill: "Stealing Ethan's quads."

He does, with a quickness, and then Ethan stomps around and yells at Bill and Scully for being dickheads and stealing his fame babies. He even drops an f-bomb, is how upset he is. Good thing Bill and Scully love him anyway, because he is not responding to this sleazy mistreatment with any sort of poise or aplomb at all.

You know what's interesting, though, is no matter how mad he gets -- how viciously and arbitrarily his entitlement is being denied -- he's somehow able to keep from physically assaulting them.

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Masters of Sex




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