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Roughing It
Gini: "You. Ever stopped you."

So as Bill's prepping Betty for her surgery, he asks again for some male subjects. They talk about the irony of him blackmailing her, after their whole relationship of her blackmailing him, and she gives a secret smile and says she knows just the population for his purposes. Oh, Betty. Good luck with your tubes.


Is disheartened to hear that his newspaper buddy has pushed ahead with the PR blitz on the quadruplets, even going so far as to get their mom to sign off on a "Name The Babies" contest where the prize is a toaster oven. Uh, so easy. Harpo, Ringo, Gryffindor and Randy Giles. Done. I win. I win a toaster oven from 1958.


Is dire. Lots of scarring from PID, which the other doctors in the theatre can't wait to chalk up to her being a "party girl" and a "worn-out hooker," and Bill finally just tosses them all out so he can finish up alone. Meanwhile, Gini reports to Libby that his simple one-hour surgery is now going on four.

Libby: "Okay, will you hang out with me?"
Gini: "Absolutely, you're my fave. I could go steal the TV from the doctor's lounge..."
Libby: "That is exactly the kind of thing that stresses Bill out. I'd get the patented Bill Masters Glare..."

Careful, Libby. Careful making him the boring one. They make faces at each other, laughing. Libby gasps when she's laughed too hard. Talk turns to the Trinity deacon's luncheon, which Libby is not really into planning. "Some people have children, I have seating charts and a uterus incompatible with conception," she grins, but Gini's lost her appetite for it.

Out in the hallway, after he's given up, Bill finds Gene the Pretzel King, Greg Grunberg looking particularly sweet and enormous, and realizes that he is kind of a jerk to have assumed that Betty would have invented such a kind-eyed, worried man as this. He throws himself on Dr. Masters, grateful for Bill's help with Betty's "appendix," and shuffles his giant bouquet around so he can get to a spare bag of pretzels for Bill.

Gene: "I got big plans for Betty and me. Three girls, three boys. We'll probably get a dog too. Can I look in on her?"
Bill: "Sure, just let me just tell her she's barren real quick."


Bill is bitching that he abused hospital resources and wasted his time, which Gini knows is Robot for how bad he feels about failing her, so that's what she speaks to.

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Masters of Sex




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