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Roughing It
Scully: "Okay, but only if Bill is still there to take all the credit."
Ethan: "Surely that is not how it will go down."


Gini: "The cafeteria is where there is food. The East Wing is over there, heading in an easterly direction... Psychiatry, osteopaths, phlebotomy..."
DePaul: "A term for venipuncture."
Gini: "You are a creep and a half, my friend. Listen, you may have noticed it's 1958 and there aren't any female gynos because that would involve educating them..."
DePaul: "Yeah, it's a real drag."
Gini: "Well, if you ever need anything. I basically have Bill Masters tied around my pinkie finger. Both because he is a helpless infant in the real world, and also because he is in love with me and nobody knows it, so if you need me to work the system..."
DePaul: "You're a secretary. What I need is a coffee and a little less jibber-jabber."


Gini: "I've redesigned the questionnaire so it makes sense."
Bill: "Typical."
Gini: "To be thoughtful and show forethought and initiative and make your life easy?"
Bill: "To take liberties and do things without asking."
Gini: "Fuck off, Bill. Good Lord you are nuts."

They interview a 19-year-old we haven't seen before, who basically explains to them that she was victimized by a family member from a very young age, and it is grim as hell, and now she lives in a whorehouse so maybe show a little compassion, but mostly Bill is just amazed that they have lives or pasts or histories, and it's horrible and sad and embarrassing for everybody except the young lady, who tells them the story defiantly, like she's daring them to say something, and that's how she gets to own the story of herself.


Bill: "Man, all these hookers got like a million medical problems. And venereal diseases. Have you ever heard of salpingitis? Let's say that word a hundred times. Also pelvic inflammatory disease, lots of that in there. Kind of a select group."
Gini: "Plus no fellas. How hard could it be to get some of those?"
Bill: "Clients are a non-starter, I already tried."
Gini: "When has a nonstarter ever stopped us?"
Bill: (Mean look, because he is not done being insufferable.)

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Masters of Sex




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