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Bill shows up with that Dr. DePaul in tow, and it turns out she's a lady, named Lillian, who is just kind of sucky to be honest. Things you can tell just by looking at her. But also, worth noting that Gini loses any shot at bonding with this monster the second she walks in, because Gini takes a moment to engage the fact that DePaul is a doctor even though she is a woman.

Which sucks so hard, because you know and I know that if he'd prepared her for it, she would have been overjoyed to meet a lady doctor who is a lady doctor, since that's what she's pretending to be and because a rising tide lifts all boats, but because Bill, like, doesn't see gender -- but really because he is withholding shit at random at this point, to keep control of the chaos that Gini produces in him by controlling her in whatever petty way he can -- it takes Gini a sec, and a second's all it takes for Lillian DePaul to file her under "Basic Bitches."


Ethan and Libby are preparing for her "capping," which is tomorrow, which is bleak because Libby's pregnancy situation is always bleak; she'd prefer to discuss the quads. The interesting part of that is, apparently Ethan was the first person to tell the lady that she was having quadruplets. How did that go? "Oh that makes sense that it was four babies. I just thought it was an insurance salesman, or a bison, possibly a mid-priced hatchback, but this makes a lot more sense."

Libby: "You know what this reminds me of? Other famous multiple births."
Ethan: "I'm not familiar with those even though it is my job."
Libby: "The doctor who successfully delivers these quads is going to be so famous. I hope it's somebody super dreamy and eligible like yourself."
Ethan: "In fact, let me get way ahead of the game and alert the press to my dreaminess and future fame."


Masters: "I'ma let you finish, but..."
Scully: "Are you trying to be famous about all these babies?"
Both: "Yeah! There's no such thing as bad publicity!"
Scully: "There certainly is. Stillbirth. Perinatal mortality. You guys, it's 1958."
Masters: "I can do it, though. I am unstoppable."
Ethan: "Actually, stop cockblocking me. Look, it's time for me to be a grownup man-doctor and not have to be a protégé all the time. I want to be on staff when my fellowship ends in six months, and this is how that happens."

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Masters of Sex




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