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Roughing It
Scully: "Which is why you were on the case. Nobody's disputing your skill at your actual job."
Scully: "It just seems like you're threatening me when you talk about this PR stuff."
Masters: "Oh right, that's why I came up here. Thanks. I wanted to um, just quickly tell you about this guy I met the other day. Real awesome kid, gay hustler. Opened my eyes to some things."
Scully: "Uh, I don't need to hear this, though."
Masters: "Not that. I mean, yes that. That too, but I was talking about something else."

"The men who pay to see him, they're not convicts or reprobates. They're not degenerates. They're family men, living a double life. Suffering in the shadows. I don't believe in shadows. I believe in the light of scientific inquiry. I believe I have a responsibility to those men, whether they're salesmen or lawyers or, I don't know, like a Provost of a major university."

Scully: "Is that code? Are you totally blackmailing me by saying awesome things?"
Masters: "I also mean it. I am obsessed with this, with solving sex, because you shouldn't have to be blackmailed by people like me just because people don't get you."
Scully: "But you are still doing it, though."
Masters: "Yeah but I'm not wrong. The ends justify the means. And the means aren't that bad, I mean, you did totally explain all of this to me in 1945. I just wasn't listening because I loved you so much."


Masters: "I hate your farewell party, so I'm hiding in the kitchen."
Scully: "I know, it's going to be hard because you love me so much."
Masters: "Rochester will not be the same without you. My hair will get a lot less fluffy, for one thing."
Scully: "The U Dubs Dean said you applied for a fellowship?"
Masters: "Yeah, that's embarrassing that you know that. That you know I'd drop everything and follow you anywhere because I am so all about you."
Scully: "Well, they told me you were the most arrogant resident they ever interviewed. The phrase was smug, self-satisfied horse's ass."
Masters: "I mean, it's not wrong? That's actually pretty accurate? But jeez."
Scully: "'We'd have to build a separate wing for his ego,' they said..."
Masters: "Enough, bro! I get it!"

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Masters of Sex




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