Masters of Sex
Standard Deviation

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Roughing It
Gini: "What about Helen?"
Betty: "Three sigma out. Didn't you hitch your wagon to a man?"
Gini: "I'm his assistant."
Betty: "He's in love with you. Don't bullshit a bullshitter."

Gene: "Friend of yours? She never introduces me to anybody."
Betty: "This is Virginia, the doc's secretary... Sorry, assistant."
Gini: "Whatever, it's nice to meet you."
Betty: "Really she's just another hardworking girl, doing the best she can."
Gini: "You've made your point, DiMello."


Libby: "I am prepared to just go apeshit on you."
Ethan: "For my part, I am completely oblivious to that."
Libby: "You and my husband are a real double act, you know that?"
Ethan: "Actually I have never hated him more than I do today. But guess what? You are pregnant."
Libby: "Then I guess everything's fine!"
Ethan: "Yeah, it cheered me up too."


Bill: "Launder these things and do all kinds of tasks and swallow your pride and tell Scully I'm on my way upstairs to blackmail him about secret things."
Gini: "Fuck off. What's going on with the study? At night you treat me like a colleague, and in the daytime you treat me like an errand girl, and I am exhausted trying to interpret your robotic glitches and weird emotional projections. Is this about sex? Is this about love? What do you see when you look at me?"
Bill: "A secretary."
Gini: "If I'm qualified to conduct scientific research when it comes to the study, how I am not qualified to be treated like a human when the sun is up?"
Bill: "At the moment, there is no study. The brothel is a disaster, I can't even cope with the existence of homosexuality on top of everything else I've got going on, and I still blame you for Scully's constant about-faces with the study. Stop acting like my twenty-year journey from rabbit procurer to masturbation watcher is equal to you being here for five minutes."


Scully: "Oh my God, are you still talking about this? It has been twenty years of you talking about this."
Masters: "Think about it this way. I am the most famous celebrity of this whole place. I just saved four babies at once from the butterfingers cutie-pie downstairs..."

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Masters of Sex




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