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Roughing It
Dale: "Actually that's exactly what you did. But I was coming to offer my help. You know, being a hooker is financially suspenseful. So I know a lot of dudes that you should meet, and pay them to have sex stuff go on."
Bill: "That's very considerate of you and I'm glad we bonded, and all, but..."

Dale: "Dr. Masters, when you said you wanted to study sex and you wanted me to be a part of it, I felt like a fully valid human being. It's your privilege as a straight man to think that gay dudes are just like you except for this one thing, but what that perspective does is erase my entire experience. It makes my life a vacation you can choose to visit whenever you feel like, or a safari, but it doesn't mean anything to my subjective life as a person. By treating me as science, you elevate me to basic humanity. A thing I should never have been denied in the first place, but gay men are stuck getting caught in the crossfire of your schizoid culture's worshipful degradation of the taboo commodity of female sexuality."

Bill: "...Man, I wish you hadn't said that stuff."
Dale: "So I'm suddenly no longer science? God, everybody at this college keeps fucking me."
Bill: "Like who in particular? Somebody I can blackmail?"


Libby: "Welcome home, buttface."
Bill: "Are you smoking and drinking and not calling me daddy? What's that about?"
Libby: "I want to let you twist for a while before I tell you. Suffice to say I am running this shit as of now."
Bill: "I know these treatments are difficult. But you'll be yourself in a few days, I promise. God knows we all have our cross to bear!"
Libby: "I feel like maybe you're gonna wish you were never born. Haven't made up my mind yet."


Speaking of people Bill is fucking over purely because he is a robot sent from the future to watch people masturbate, guess who is famous for delivering quadruplets? That's right, Bill Masters, obstetrics God. Poor Ethan.

Also, poor Betty, who is getting wheeled out of recovery when Ginny finds her, and they have a sad talk.

Betty: "Gene wants to name the first boy William, after the doctor. I feel crazed."
Gini: "He loves you, he'll understand..."
Betty: "Oh, he's not gonna find out. I'm prepared to keep lying about this until I die."

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Masters of Sex




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