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Bitches: "I heard she is from New York. A Cylon from New York."
Gini: "I read her CV and she is from Ithaca. Her letter of recommendation from her fellowship at Penn said that if the guy's eyes were closed he wouldn't have known she was a woman."
Bitches: "I can barely tell now!"
Gini: "That isn't even the worst thing that's happened in this conversation."
Bitches: "Right? We're so enslaved to the dominant paradigm that we think female gynecologists are gross."
Gini: "You know what is such a gross word? Amenuensis."
Bitches: "That is gross!"
Gini: "Psych, that's a word for what you are. So I guess you are gross. A gross couple of amenuenses. Peace out."


Gini: "I brought you some random casserole or something since you are too barren to walk around."
Libby: "Thanks, you're a good husband."
Gini: "Your life is the worst. Can I get you anything?"
Libby: "Get me that depressing box of baby shit from the closet so I can be morose in front of you."
Gini: "What cute baby clothes! For a baby that will never exist."
Libby: "I found in Bill's desk a report on female sterility. Did you know that for my problem I am only 8 percent likely to have a baby? I'm two sigma out."
Gini: "You are zero sigma out. You can't make a baby with no sperm regardless of what your uterus is up to."
Libby: "Wait, what? This is a trick? I thought he was torturing me to like, humor me."
Gini: "No, it is his stupid dick that is the problem."
Libby: "Does Ethan also know this?"
Gini: "Basically everybody except you."
Libby: "Can you grasp how horrible that is?"
Gini: "I've never been one to abet my own lack of agency, so not really. But I do feel better, now that I've wrecked your life and marriage. Keeping this secret has been tough, not to mention betraying the sisterhood, so now I'm doing neither."
Libby: "That was pretty cold."
Gini: "Well, your husband's being a real assbag lately."


Dale: "Hey, it's me, the super hot dude you made friends with."
Bill: "Why are you at my work? I don't come down to your whorehouse and watch you suck dicks."

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