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Bill was unreasonable about Gini dating Ethan, and also about his wife's uterus, and also about his hooker friend Betty's tied tubes. By the end of things the study had found a new temporary home at Betty's bordello, thanks to Gini's fast-talkin' ways, but Bill still couldn't manage to be cool about it. Gini tried to get him to open up about that time he asked to have sex with her for science, but it was too late and too weird. Bill has some problems.


Young Baby Bill: "Let's watch rabbits hump, here at the University of Rochester."
Barton Scully: "This kind of thing is why you're my favorite student."
Bill: "It is the postwar and my hair is very fluffy. One thing about rabbits doing it is, they are not remotely kidding around."
Scully: "It is pretty rapey."
Bill: "Since they are animals, it is fine."
Scully: "Is it like this with monkeys? I couldn't watch this with monkeys."
Bill: "That makes me give a speech."

"Humans have taken the basic impulse for sex and turned it into some ... unrecognizable ordeal! Romance, chivalry, codes of etiquette! Which necktie should I be wearing? Should I say goodnight at the curb, or walk her to the door?"

Well, but the reason for that is that it keeps everybody honest, or else it would be like the rabbits: A violently necessary imperative, performed efficiently. The rabbit may not be wondering what necktie to wear to dinner, that's true. He also slaps her around first, and grips her while he's doing it so she can't get away. We treat sexual etiquette like a cage that keeps women oppressed, and that is true; it's also a cage that keeps us all safe. You do not want to return to a state of nature.

And you couldn't, even if you wanted to: The economy between men and women, developed and refined over thousands and thousands of years, and mostly shameful for all of that time, is the foundation of all other aspects of civilization. It's only robots like Bill -- or college kids behind computer screens -- who think bodies, and fucking, and gender, are a gross injustice at worst and at best, merely helpful suggestions. The rest of us actually have to live here.

Bill: "What if we could just cut through the maze to the essentials? What if we could understand the basic physiology underneath all that nonsense?"
Scully: "So I take it things are going poorly with Caroline?"

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