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Bill Masters has decided that science needs him, specifically lady science, and has formed a small army of ladies to help him help science. One of them is Ginny Johnson, who is so awesome that she has caused both Bill and his young protégé Ethan Haas to go a certain kind of crazy. His boss is very freaked out by the science, but that's mostly because of his own stuff he's dealing with (or not dealing with); the science also involves torturing Bill's wife Libby. Last week, with victory in his grip so to speak, Bill asked Ginny to join him in the science, which was weird for everybody.


The second episode is always fun because you get to see the credits. In this case, fucking equals the universe: Volcanos, Dick & Jane etiquette diagrams, champagne going just everywhere, and the occasional ECG lead. Trains going into tunnels and so forth.


Ginny: "So far, so good. Children, please eat your food and stop being annoying. Mommy has to practice ways this shit could go."

Ginny: "Frankly, on reflection I find your request unreasonable and kind of freaky."
Bill: (Perturbed silence, psychotically clicking his pen over and over.)

In the kitchen, Henry is too busy reading the titular comic, Race To Space, to bother actually eating. Henry is very into this comic, as we'll see; so is the episode.

Henry: "Captain Kai is moving #1 Prisoner Topknot to the spacepad.."
Ginny: "Good for him, eat your breakfast."

Ginny: "Here are all the reasons I am pleased to be involved in science, followed up by reasons that your request is freaky..."
Masters: "Yes or no, Virginia. I am very busy, and scary like an authority figure."

Henry: "Oh man, Mom! Sergeant Baldwin Black has forbidden Prisoner Topknot to enter the Iron Chamber..."
Ginny: "I hear you. Please get on the bus and..."
Henry: "It's why they go to the space rail, to cool down. Then the find the boy Joey, a stowaway..."
Ginny: "You gotta quit with this."
Henry: "No, I'm the boy Joey. I'm the stowaway."
Ginny: "No, I'm the boy Joey. Keep it moving, please."

She barely gets them aboard, Henry with a hundred comics in his arms.

Henry: "It's amazing because Captain Kai gives the boy Joey a real stun gun..."

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