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Dr. William Masters is being honored with a special evening for being the best obstetrics surgeon in the history of ladies. During the Provost's (Beau Bridges's) opening remarks, he's nervous enough that he circles the rim of his glass with his finger, over and over. It is the only remote sexual thing he is going to do this week; his wife Libby calmly rests her hand over his, comforting him long enough to pull it together and get to the stage.

Masters: "This is very fancy but I don't understand human things! I have to go deliver babies now instead of public speaking. A well-known common fear."
Provost: "But what about your honors? Your innovations in obstetrics!"
Masters: "I have to go do them. For I am a man of science!"


Just kidding, "baby" is code for "go hide in a hotel closet and watch a john named Ernie fuck a hooker named Betty DiMello doggy-style." When he shuffles around to click his stopwatch because Ernie is about to have an orgasm, Masters drops his pen, leading to Betty mouth at him to pull it the fuck together. Then she pretends to have an orgasm so Ernie will come. "Good for you," she says, patting him sweetly when he is done. Ernie, you are part of science now!

Masters: "Arousal states for clients 1 and 6 were instantaneous. 4 took ten minutes, making him the slowest, and 7 achieved no arousal at all. The last client... how long did he stay in the plateau state?"
Betty: "For fucking ever!"
Masters: "In science we would say 11 minutes. I wrote it down. Put your napkin in your lap, we are at a nice dinner."
Betty: "Actually we are at a creepy dinner. But I like getting etiquette lessons from somebody who invented their job to be watching people hump."
Masters: "It is not just humping, it is science. By the way, do you think you could write all of these things down yourself?"
Betty: "No, for at least two reasons. More importantly, what is wrong inside your head?"
Masters: "We study what we must conquer and we must conquer what we fear."
Betty: "You are taking the long way around to understand something that you already understand by virtue of being a person."
Masters: "You vastly overestimate my ability to do that. Tell me more about your orgasms."
Betty: "Well, they are pretend."

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Masters of Sex




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