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Once Bill attacked Ethan over Libby's pregnancy, Virginia understood the part she'd been overlooking, which just how attached he was getting to her. She tried to be above it, and help him get over it too, but he doesn't work like that, so before either of them knew what was happening, he'd forced her to resign from her job, the study, and pretty much his life. Now she's cozier than ever with Ethan 2.0, and taking over Lillian DePaul's life with the same vigor and foresight as she did Bill Masters... Who is, of course, utterly drowning without her.


He bellows for Virginia, and for a moment that's who she is: Then she resolves herself into Jane, his secretary, and he comes back to us for a moment.

Masters: "Vir-Jane! Where's the data for the nulliparous study?"
Jane: "I have no idea what you just said."
Masters: "The subjects who've never given birth! Everybody knows that."
Jane: "Right, right. Why don't I just go down the hall and ask Virginia."
Masters: "No! Dramatically!"
Jane: "Then maybe stop being an ass to me.? J/K, I know you can't."


Virginia: "Dr. DePaul, how quickly can you make your case for standardizing pap smears in every gyno exam? Future women will thank the hell out of you."
DePaul: "So far it's taking about three years."
Virginia: "I mean, in minutes. I just got you into this pharm-rep conference..."
DePaul: "One of those medical boondoggles!?"
Virginia: "It's all-expenses and there's golf, so yes. There's also drinking, schmoozing, and other things you are dismal at. But they've just lost their comedian, and I got you his fifteen minutes."
DePaul: "I don't know any jokes. Or what jokes are."

Q: "How does a man save a woman from drowning?"
A: "He takes his foot off her head."

Virginia: "Wow, you were not fucking kidding. Okay, so no jokes. I feel like you're not getting what I'm saying. You can show up, try to change their minds..."
DePaul: "Men! Easier to change their diapers! Haha, that was another joke."
Virginia: "That was a lot closer to a joke but it still wasn't an actual joke. Stop trying to tell jokes, it's creepin' me out."

DePaul: "Fine. I'm not going without you, though."

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Masters of Sex




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