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A string of disappointments has led Ethan to settling down with Vivian Scully, who is more than happy to be settled down with by a hot doctor who knows sex tricks. The Barton Scullys are both dating hot guys, but there's a deadline looming for both of them. Dr. Lillian DePaul wants to bring pap smears to the masses, while Virginia has started engaging in science with her boss, and finding it altogether more emotionally complex than advertised.


Virginia: "I won't quote him, but Dr. Masters says you're a fine secretary."
Jane: "Really? Because he seems awfully unsatisfied."
Virginia: "That's his natural setting. Just pay attention to the words behind the words."
Jane: "So like when he says It's getting late..."
Virginia: "What he means is You're staying late. Essentially you just need to act like a seismometer, registering his unspoken vibrations from miles away. Like any other man. Keep the mail on the left, coffee on the right, and no stray paper clips anywhere, ever. And no mayonnaise."
Jane: "On his desk?"
Virginia: "In his life."

Jane: "Well, a weird robot is better than a normal one. My cousin Mae, her boss Mr. Burwell wanted everything, including sex in the office late at night."
Virginia: "Well I never."
Jane: "She put all her eggs in that basket, but the second his wife got wind, she was O-U-T. No severance, no recommendation. Instantly rubbed her out of existence."
Virginia: "That seems extreme."
Jane: "It's the oldest story in the book. He got guilty, she paid the price."
Virginia: "Good point. I gotta go move some eggs around now."


Is sewing baskets and baskets of pink things for the church when the doorbell rings: It's Walter the handyman, who has come to do the gutters.

Libby: "Sorry, I didn't realize you would be an attractive black guy on the phone."
Walter: "What?"
Libby: "I mean, I thought you'd be older. Do you want some lemonade?"
Walter: "No, just the key to your shed."
Libby: "I am married. Uh, to a guy. He works really hard so that is why the gutters."
Walter: "Has he been working that hard since D-Day?"
Libby: "Are they that bad? You're probably right. Probably since Hoover."

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Masters of Sex




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