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The team brought in aspiring auteur Lester Linden to film women's internal reactions during sex, but you know it's not gonna stop there. Libby's just about figured out what Bill's baby-ambivalence is really about, which is good because his mom's in town now and Libby just got miraculously pregnant again. Bill's getting jealous of Virginia's medical education, regardless of how much she's impressing the reluctant Dr. DePaul, or her continued participation in the study.

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Virginia: "So you know how we were doing it a minute ago? For science?"
(Helpful visual aids.)
Virginia: "I had this thing. I have had it before."
Masters: "Is it that horrible face I make?"
Virginia: "No, I can overlook that for science. This is a fuzziness in my vision."
Masters: "This is my penis being magical?"
Virginia: "No, before, um, bearing down. Stage one, this kind of numbness."
Masters: "Can you not say that in a cooler way? Like, a loss of sensory acuity."
Virginia: "That's a valid description."
Masters: "That way it sounds like I fucked you blin... Shit! You got me."

Bill's got a werewolf claw situation going down his back. He's ever so proud of them. His little scars. Like five A-plusses on either side, in red pen. A performance review. Flying colors.

Virginia: "Oh, like I haven't come away with war wounds. Remember the bruises on my hip after vaginal rear entry, male superior?"
Masters: "Yeah, that was outta sight! But seriously, cut your nails."
Virginia: "You should put that in my performance review. Mrs. Johnson's manicure has proven problematic in research sessions."
Masters: "You're going to have to keep nagging me about that. I hate doing it, and not for the reasons you might think."
Virginia: "I don't see why you feel insecure. I'm the one being graded."
Masters: "And I just got ten A-plusses. Still. Asking me, Bill Masters, to put into words what I can barely hear myself feeling is like asking a housecat to do math."
Virginia: "And yet until you make that clear, it's going to look like I don't matter."


Libby: "Bill? Are you in there?"
Bill: "I am looking at my scars and wondering if I'm a perv for getting turned on."

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Masters of Sex




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