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Ethan and Virginia hooked back up after breaking off their respective romantic arrangements with Vivian and Bill, Libby spilled the beans about her pregnancy and how she got that way, Margaret has asked for a divorce after finding out half of the truth about her husband, and Lillian DePaul is ever-so-slowly succumbing to Virginia's charm -- while Masters paid off Johnson like a whore even after she explained carefully to him that that's what he was doing. Welcome to the doghouse, Scientists!

RM 5

It is very awkward for Virginia, coming in to work the Study after Bill's disastrous move last week. It is awkward for Bill, but that is a consequence of being Bill. Most of all, it is awkward for the male and female subjects tonight, who have no idea what they have walked into. The female one is played by Anne Dudek, the greatest actress in the entire world.

Virginia: "Why are you two in here together? We usually do it separately. I guess we're not doing that today because Dr. Masters is a fuckface who thinks we are whores."
Masters: "We are doing it different because F-26-184 over here is multiorgasmic and I want her to have a million orgasms."
Virginia: "We have lots of people coming in here later so she'll have to get 'er done real quick."
Masters: "Guess so. Unlike you, coming in so late to our real job this morning."
Virginia: "You make me sick. Your face makes me want you to be destroyed."
Masters: "I'm taking us all down with me when I do."

Subjects: "This sex study is making us uncomfortable in a very different way from how we thought a sex study would make us uncomfortable."
F26: "I don't know that I even can have a million orgasms today. It is because of your bad energy."


The old "Duck & Cover" cartoon is playing when Virginia gets home, to an empty den. Where are the babies? In bed. Who put them there? Ethan, who is now that kind of boyfriend. I guess it has been another few weeks.

Ethan: "Since I took over your life while you were at work, can I sleep here?"
Virginia: "We'll see. If I fall asleep you can. Our first subject tonight lost consciousness after her orgasm(s) and I felt responsible for her death. Murder by watching somebody bone is a victimless and very strange crime."

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Masters of Sex




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