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Faced with a second pregnancy and slowly coming to grips with the messier aspects of his work, Bill decided on the nuclear option, paying Virginia for her services and sending her straight into the ad hoc offices of Dr. Lillian DePaul. Margaret Scully, through some intrepid research into her husband's confusing sexual narrative, finally figured out he was gay. We've finally arrived at Bill's big Friday presentation, with which he believes he'll shock the world into being less weird about sex. A thing he believes because he is silly.


Ethan is going to visit LA, in the hopes of garnering a job offer. Virginia's convinced that this is something he'll use for later leverage, because she isn't really considering the fact that he has no other ties to St. Louis and assumes, possibly for no good reason, that she would be just as willing to pick up sticks and go with him.

Tessa: "Anaheim, that's where Disneyland is. Are you going to be the doctor of Disneyland?"
Henry: "Don't act like you know Disneyland, Tessa."
Tessa: "I do know! Pinocchio lives there. And fairies fly through the air."

Virginia and Ethan name the other hospitals that would be impressed by a UCLA offer, and Ethan explains right angles to Henry, impressing Tessa no end.

Ethan: "I am not the smartest person in the world, no. That would be your mother. However, I might be the luckiest, seeing as how I get to tuck you in before my trip."
Tessa: "Who tucks you in?"

He throws Gini the cutest look over the girl's shoulder, and later on they do it. In the morning, it's a big day for everybody. It's Friday.


Virginia: "Tessie, grab your red coat from under the bed and let's go."

Tessa fixes her doll with a hairy eyeball, and grouchily complains that the red coat needs a better hiding place. I can't remember anything else Tessa has really done, because stand around while Henry was being horrible, so it's particularly fun to see her being weird on her own in the kitchen, just chattin' with dolls and planning ill futures for her wear apparel.

In the living room, Henry is all about Manhigh II, a pre-rocket space-race experiment in which Major David Simons, within an aluminum capsule, rose higher into the sky than anyone ever had in the history of people. Henry is enamored of this, of course, because he is to space what his mother is to sex: A pioneer, eyes caught and commanded by possibility. Today something theoretical becomes concrete: "He's going into space for real, Mom!"

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