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The Lost Language Of Flowers
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Between Libby ending her second trimester, his mother's renaissance, and memories of his own awful childhood, Bill's just about hit his limit. And while Bill's star is falling -- in part due to his reckless blackmail of his boss and mentor, Provost Scully -- Ethan's is rising, especially now that he's being courted pretty aggressively by the boss's daughter, Vivian. The "couples" subjects are rankling to get back into the lab to have more scientific sex, while Gini's ex-husband George is still wreaking chaos everywhere he goes.


Gini: "What a lovely bath! I sure am glad George is stepping up..."
Tessa: "And we're back."
Gini: "Whoa! Mommy's having Mommy Time!"
Henry: "That is over. Also, Dad wants to move back in. Also, why are you so withholding? Also, I am a little kid being deployed as a weapon."
Gini: "In order: That's not happening, it's complicated, and I'm sorry your Dad's a jerkoff."
Henry: "Okay but on the strictest level, I am confused by him sleeping over sometimes."
Gini: "One time, but I feel you. Give me one second and we can discuss your Daddy day, and its abrupt end."
Henry: "When I think about Daddy it's on the level of an eight-year-old boy, which works out because that's what he is. So we're both agreed that you are kind of mean to him."
Gini: "You have just answered your own damn question, frankly. But I am not mean. If I were actually mean to your Daddy, he would go the hell away and I would respect myself a lot more."
Henry: "In summation, one weekend with Dad is better than a million days here with you."
Gini: "There are times I would also prefer that. But it's not happening, and I can't tell you why, because why is, George doesn't give a shit about you."


Ethan: "Size of a cantaloupe."
Libby: "Last time was a navel orange and before that it was a grape. I got a farmer's market down there."
Ethan: "Are you enjoying the second trimester? Listen to the heartbeat."
Libby: "Sounds like I got a submarine down there! My body is a wonderland."


Boy: "We've been trying for six months! Ever since the wedding night."
Masters: "That's a long time for no results. Maybe you have a dud wife. What's going on with your menses?"

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Masters of Sex




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