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Bill blackmailed Barton Scully to get Room Five going again, but a hitch in the study gave Austin Langham a case of the sad dicks not even Jane could fix. Ethan's dating the Provost's daughter, and a new doctor on the wing, Lillian DePaul, gave Virginia the cold shoulder. But the big news, of course, was Catherine. Bill did his best to help Libby through her horrible miscarriage, but eventually it was Bill that needed support -- and Gini was there to supply it. It was sweet, horrible, and the best episode to date, by a smidge; even over the pilot, and tonight's episode, both of which are of course phenomenal. Plus Margaret Scully this week, my God.


Sigmund: "So basically, it's natural for the clitoral orgasm to give way to the vaginal, because of how penises are magic. Any lady who requires clitoral stimulation during lovemaking is really just a creepy teenage masturbator, and should be put in a mental hospital."

Anna: "My dad, a soft scientist of some renown, was not kidding around when it came to which orgasms he was okay with."
Doctors: "But wasn't he a doctor, like us? Because that would make him right about everything."
Anna: "True enough. In his essay The Universal Tendency Toward Debasement In Love, he said sexuality was about the impossibility of connecting your drive for affection with your drive for satiation. Thus the reason men are huge creeps to women, and always have been, is because they can never have sex with their moms..."
Doctors: "Wait, what?"
Anna: "...And the reason women are cool with that is because they suck. Thank you."


Lucille: "Austin, you need to go to work. Go to your job. Leave us alone."
Austin: "But I have to see Jane immediately."
Kathleen: "She's not here. Virginia took her to a doctor or something."
Austin: "Oh my God, is she sick?"
Kathleen: "No, they went together. Somebody named Lloyd? Freed?"


Gini: "Dr. Freud? Virginia Johnson, Washington University."
Dr. DePaul: "Oh, hell no. Now she's impersonating a human being?"
Gini: "I was just wondering if this nonsense about the clitoral orgasm was ever proven?"
Anna: "What do you mean, like by science?"
Gini: "Is there evidence to support a claim differentiating the physiology between the two orgasms, I mean."

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Masters of Sex




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