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Ethan: "First of all, it would be a gross violation of medical protocol. Being that a husband is in charge of his wife's uterus, as God and the Law intended."
Libby: "I'm a free-range outlaw, I don't give a shit. Stick some frozen sperm in me."
Ethan: "Second of all, dude would kill me. He's still broken from the miscarriage."
Libby: "Yeah, but so what? If it works, what's he gonna do? Complain? Bill doesn't always know what's best for him. Frankly the opposite of what he thinks is usually best."
Ethan: "Now you're talking nonsense. Who's giving the orders around here? It's cats lying down with dogs."
Libby: "My marriage is dying on the fucking vine. And you don't even have the context to know what I mean when I say it. If it weren't for me, that guy would still be in an airless lab watching rabbits fuck and thinking that was what life was like. If I lose him, I'll recover. And he won't know he's drowning until he's dead, alone. Eaten by rabbits."
Ethan: "You talk like he's some kind of... Yeah, okay."

He came up with 'Catherine' out of nowhere. All on his own, without prompting, he named the baby. How do you explain the implication there? How do you explain the promise of that? There is a real world, outside his head, and for one second he noticed it. Not just noticed, cared. And then retreated back, twice as far.

Ethan: "You're talking like this miscarriage was the end of the world."
Libby: "It doesn't have to be. Right now our relationship is that he listens to me prattle about whatever bullshit I'm doing, and Ethan, I don't even care about that crap. I don't care what I'm saying when I'm saying it! But a baby smiles, and sits up, and walks, and teaches you things. You get the chance to start over from the ground up. He would be able to give a child something he didn't get to have, that fucked him utterly up."

Libby: "In an odd way, even he and Virginia have more in common..."
Ethan: "-- Oh ho ho, you just said the magic words. That's the one thing she wouldn't give me. If I hadn't gotten nasty about that we'd probably still be fucking. We will knock you up -- save your speeches! -- we will knock you up forthwith."
Libby: "You see how it's a legitimate concern. What if somebody comes along that is both Gini and Not Gini, and I get remaindered out? A baby means we grow together. Not to save the marriage and not to give me purpose. Just to exist on the off days when we forget."

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