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The High Striker

Their reverie is interrupted by an old couple, who takes an interest in the car, and both come crashing back down to Earth.

Ethan: "So you're ready to sign?"
Gini: "Yeah, I just gotta call Bill. I can't get a loan as a single woman in 1957 regardless of whether I'm good for it..."
Ethan: "I can cosign, I'm right here."
Gini: "I hate to trouble you. By which I mean, our relationship is transactional enough as it is. I don't want you to pervert it before it's had a chance to become a habit. I mean, he already signs my checks. It's so much simpler."
Ethan: "And yet I'm not going to let this go. You're actually better off, as the conservator of our friendship, letting me do this."
Gini: "I don't especially trust you anyway, so fine."


Well, Adelaide didn't last too long.

Virginia: "He didn't like your filing? How were you...?"
Adelaide: "Alphabetically. The guy is insane."

Gini: "Bill, WTF. She's great."
Bill: "Disorganized."
Gini: "It's her first day! She inherited an entire office."
Bill: "She couldn't spell anesthesia."
Gini: "Bill, I can't spell anesthesia."
Bill: "Well, she's dead now. Anyway, I need you to sign up this couple the Prescotts."
Gini: "You got it. And I need you, in return, to stop ruining these girls' lives on a whim."
Bill: "Your promotion should not come at the expense of my practice falling to ruins!"
Gini: "Okay, drama queen. And don't even think about taking away my promotion. You lived without me before you met me..."
Bill: "-- Barely!"
Gini: "...Heh. I will work this out. Somebody much better than me."
Bill: "Better than I."
Gini: "You are the fucking worst. Fine. Yes. Somebody like that, who knows the difference. And also gives a shit."

So by finding someone to take care of us, you're still really taking care of me? Okay, I can work with that.

Or alternately, the paper trail of their unsatisfying maiden voyage tracks back to her promotion, meaning that his suppressed ickiness about their first experience also taints every girl that stands in the place she was standing right before they fucked. Like a stain in the carpet that only he can see.

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Masters of Sex




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