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But it's also about Mommy stuff (c.f. Austin and Margaret, but also Bill's intensity about his mother's inability to be a man for him when he needed it) and about his marriage (both Gini's and Bill's transforming relationships with Libby), and about women staying in their place, period. The new secretary has to be Gini and Not Gini, just like Libby intuits that she needs to be Gini and Not Gini, and just Virginia is quickly coming to understand that she herself needs to be both of those things. (Meanwhile, Bill's barely capable of being Bill, much less multiplying himself, but then he's not called upon to do so, which is another great reason to be a man if you can at all help it.)

Either way, neither of them are capable of finding the process forms for the Study, which is frustrating for Bill but just sort of inscrutable for old Adelaide, who takes life at the leisurely pace of a person who is actually capable of existing in the world.

Adelaide: "Virginia said I was to 'encourage you to rely on me,' because she knew you would pull exactly this crap the second she left."
Masters: "Fine, right now I am relying on you to track her ass down! I'll throw things."


Gini: "Backseat's roomy. Not to segue or freak your brain out, but it does remind me how weird I found it that most of our subjects lost their virginity in the backs of cars."
Ethan: "Without a stable female workforce, latchkey kids don't yet have the freedom to experiment with their bodies unimpeded. A car's just a bedroom on wheels, midcentury. Having said that, guilty. Judith Treap."
Gini: "I'm sure she made up for her name in other ways."
Ethan: "And you? High-school quarterback. Or math teacher."
Gini: "Those are both good guesses! But no. Sweet Gordon Garrett. In retrospect I realized I was probably his first too. They put us in the yearbook together. Mrs. Gordon Garrett, formerly Miss Mary Virginia Eshelman."
Ethan: "And why didn't Miss Eshelman marry Mr. Garrett?"
Gini: "He was destined to be a farmer, and I was destined for something else entirely."

No matter how many little appreciative giggles and rib-elbowing "lucky dogs" he gives her, though, it's a sweet moment. She took his offer of friendship at face value, which she always wanted -- before he lost his damn mind -- but also I think speaks highly of her approach to life, explaining generally her way with people: Showing him the respect of taking him at his word is also a way of respecting herself.

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