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The High Striker

It's odd to see Ethan put his arm around her, even though you know what they're playing at; odder still to see her relax against him, as though they were still in Oz and he'd never lost himself.

Ethan: "Are you kidding? I love this whole situation. I rebuilt a car in high school."
Gini: "I hate to admit that I don't know a crank case from a clutch..."
Ethan: "While I'm impressed you know either of those words."
Gini: "Thanks, I guess. Help me find something dirt cheap so we can get back to work."


Is in consultation with the Prescotts, who have been trying to have a child for a year.

Mr. Prescott: "It's not like we're not giving it our best. We're pretty much like rabbits."
Masters: "I do like when rabbits fuck. What are we talking?"
Mrs. Prescott: "Like several times a night?"
Masters: "Holy shit."
Mrs. Prescott: "And with variable positions. My sister swears by the Reclining Lotus."
Masters: "I am a genius of sex and I don't know what that is!"
Mrs. Prescott: "My sister the fertility expert came back from India bearing dengue fever, and a copy of the Kama Sutra."
Masters: "You are my favorite couple of all time. I would like to invite you to a special secret club for couples who like to fuck and also like science. However, I'm super creepy, so I'll just get Virginia to explain it to you in a way where you don't call the cops on me."

He screams her name through the closed door, and then finds someone else at the desk outside, recovering quickly (for Bill) and simply asking for paperwork for them. The new girl, Adelaide, has replaced the last one so quickly that he can't remember why either of them exist.

There's a semi-cute thing running through the episode that starts here and ends in an unexpected place having to do with how much he relies on Virginia and whether or not that is a sign of their bond or just Virginia doin' Virginia: How much of a simultaneous orgasm is written in the stars, versus how much is just being very good at reading your partner. The objective correlative for all this is a somewhat old device by which none of the secretaries he promised her last week does a good job, by his standards, because part of his mind is still stuck on Virginia fulfilling all of his needs. He hates the secretaries because they're not Virginia, which is less about her being special and more about him needing to move around some of his interior furniture to catch up to her new place in his office.

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Masters of Sex




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