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The High Striker
Bill: "Well maybe the male subject just needs a little practice with this female subject. And they probably need to widen the sample."
Gini: "Then I guess we need more subjects."
Bill: "Girl you know that's not what I meant."
Gini: "Yeah, okay. We need to fill out those questionnaires, then. This was a little spur of the moment, scientifically."
Bill: "We'll do it tomorrow. Right now the male subject needs to get out of here before he starts crying."


Margaret: "Nothin', just chilling at this bar while Barton plays cards over in that gross room full of cigar smoke."
Austin: "I'm hiding from my son's earache. Thank God it's 1957 and I can just bounce."
Margaret: "Help yourself to some mixed nuts. I picked out all the cashews already."
Austin: "Margaret, do we need to talk? I'm willing to apologize for boning you..."
Margaret: "-- Yeah actually, let's chat. Let's talk about how Barton's going out of town for three days and uh, can you name any restaurants in NYC he should try."
Austin: "Three whole days? That's a lot of, um, restaurants. Hope he's hungry!"


Vivian: "Are you sneaking out of your own house? Did you just Coyote Ugly me?"
Ethan: "I am not yet to that period of maturation where I don't lie easily and well, so I will simply say I have to go do an endometrial biopsy very early this fine morning."
Vivian: "Can you give me like ten minutes to pull it together?"
Ethan: "No, because I'm lying. Feel free to hang or get out, either way."
Vivian: "If you leave me here, I will snoop. Second you're out the door, every drawer in the house. Every coat pocket."
Ethan: "It would take more time than I have to explain why I love that you just said that, so instead I will be charming as hell."

"Check every coat pocket. You'll find old gum wrappers and spare change. Any matchbooks with girl's phone numbers, toss the old ones and stack the new ones by the phone."

She loves it too. They're the youngest, so they get to be the most honest. Their children will be more honest still, and so on. The future only goes one way. We'll get there eventually.


The car lot where Ethan is actually going is currently the site of a flurry of activity, as the salesmen gather around Virginia like crows: "Convertible! You'll look like Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief."

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Masters of Sex




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