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The High Striker

Barton isn't like most of them. He doesn't need love; he has enough of that. He just wants to be seen. He doesn't want you to snoop but he wants you to want to snoop. The Scullys have that in common. Dale squints at the stitches, worried, deft. Tender; true.

Barton: "I realize you could have left me there."
Dale: "There is no way I would do that."
Barton: "You have no obligation to... Care for me."

It's a question in the form of a statement but neither of them want it answered: "You could have gotten hurt," he says. What he means is, he's confused why Dale stayed. Why he would do that, for Barton Scully, with those men there and their knives. The answer surprises them both. Dale doesn't know he's taken Barton's hand, at first. Like a High Striker at a carnival, suddenly speaking.

"I got jumped last year," Dale says. "I wished to hell someone had shown up to help me." What he means is, we are the same. "I know," Dale says. "It's scary." That lonely room gets a lot smaller, and a lot warmer, when he says this. It was scary. It continues to be scary. What he means is, it will always be scary.

Barton kisses his hand, then. Past the point of embarrassment, in his gratitude. Dale could weep with the strange interior of this man. The thought he puts into things. Neither of them look at the vanity mirror, at the four of them or the shapes they make. They know what it would say:

You are safe. And you are real. And it will always be scary.

RM 5

Gini: "I could not get Jane out of here for anything. Can I pick 'em or what? She thought there were too many hand notations in your Wheel-dex so she retyped the entire thing and she..."
Bill: "For tonight how about female superior, both sitting, partially reclined. The angle might be optimal for clitoral..."
Gini: "The Rocking Horse. Yeah, I can read. Listen, she's good though, right?"
Bill: "She's adequate."
Gini: "Two days is two days more than any of her predecessors. And she's met all your needs..."

"I mean, it's not like we both orgasm at the same time, every time, but yeah. She doesn't have any problems with that... Maybe I shouldn't be talking about this woman in particular. She's not the norm. If you're getting at what it's like with me in bed with a girl most of the time, then this isn't it. This one's different. She knows herself, she knows what feels good. She'll tell you."

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