Masters of Sex
All Together Now

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The High Striker
Ethan: "Uh, my last set is covered in blood like a slasher movie. Girls are gross."
All Together Now: "If we're all gross, then none of us is gross. Calm down."


Gini: "Oh my God is Bill Masters actually coming into work late?"
Bill: "Yeah, I was up all night putting it to the missus."
Gini: "So I guess that means we're..."
Bill: "You bet your sweet Aunt Fanny it does."

Proving once again that withholding sex will get literally anything accomplished. "No sex until you go have sex!" Done.


Dale's on the hotel bed in his Rebel gear, cuffed jeans and t-shirt, rocked back on his elbows. Barton sips his drink, trying to form a thought. He watches Dale watch him, in the vanity mirror. That lonely room, at the top of the stairs, where every passing car paints light across the wall. He doesn't see her on him; he barely tries to look.

Barton: "This actually is complicated for me, it's not just doubled life, like that... I mean that I sincerely love my wife."
Dale: "Cool."
Barton: "So this isn't about her, exactly. I just can't risk it again, like that. Out there in the world. I'm not trying to throw off the transaction, I don't want to scare you away or ruin it, but the stakes are... It's got to be safe and routine. We need this arrangement. I need it."
Dale: "Come here."
Barton: "The stitches are..."
Dale: "I will be careful. Come here."

The true measure of excellence isn't biology and it's not etiquette: It's anticipating the person's needs. Seeing them, like the High Striker, when they're so used to be unseen. To be taken at face value; to be used for their intended purpose and then forgotten. To truly see them, to dwell in their skin long enough to know what they want, can feel a lot like love. It's the conversation we are having, when we talk about that.

Some of these guys want love, the whole experience, you can't break character; you both act like the money is a hassle, a consequence, like if you'd met under other circumstances the money wouldn't factor in. Some of them want the opposite: They want your hate, like the money is all that's keeping you from bolting or getting sick. Some of them want your dignity, or to give you theirs; they want pain, or to show strength, or to submit to it; those are old scars. Some of them are performing an experiment, even; doing science. Some of them want to be beautiful, or young, for at least a little while. All of them take, and all of them give; all of them taking as they give.

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Masters of Sex




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