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The High Striker


Libby: "It is kind of cool, but mostly a bummer, that we are doing our secret sperm experiments in the Peds ward, where nobody knows me."
Ethan: "Between smuggling you up here, and your husband's frozen sperm down here, I feel like a depressing, slightly pervy secret agent."
Libby: "I know you're angry with me, Ethan. But you're saving my life. And Bill's. Literally everything is different now."
Ethan: "Help me pick out sheets like a girl would like, and we'll call it even. I've felt like nesting ever since the last tiny heartstring got cut last night by your evil husband, and then I thought, well, couldn't Dorothy bring a little color back with her, to Kansas? I want to commit to something that will actually love me back, instead of making me feel like a dolt for trying to buy something that wasn't for sale."


Ethan: "Vivian, I have found it! My new bedding. The shade is called honeyed linen. Very pretty color, very sticky situation."
Vivian: "Is this one of those 'language of flowers' things? What does new bedding mean? Or is it like an anniversary? Shit, I didn't buy you any bedding..."
Ethan: "A pretty girl spending the odd night, I should spruce the place up."
Vivian: "I really couldn't tell if you even liked that. I was kind of testing my boundaries."
Ethan: "I couldn't tell either. But I realized that one thing I hated about Oz was, she'd never stay the night. So now I want to keep you, and catch you."
Vivian: "I feel like you're turning out your coat pockets on your own. Continue."
Ethan: "She had two kids and that's why my brother David was talking about that."
Vivian: "Okay, now it's just like you're telling me facts about your ex."
Ethan: "You wanna snoop, snoop. This is all you'll find. My heart was broken."
Vivian: "Check. Is it really over? Are we gonna be discussing her often, would you say?"
Ethan: "Stage one of it being over was, I punched her in the face. Stage two, we decided to be friends. Stage three, she is a whore. So yes, we are done. Now it is you, me, and honeyed linen. We are the future. You are my future."

Vivian: "...Annnnd this would be the first time you changed your sheets since like med school, wouldn't it. Boys are so fucking gross."

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Masters of Sex




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