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The High Striker
Austin: "Okay but you won't do that. Right?"
Margaret: "I can feel my life changing all around me. Like when Vivian was born, or my father walked me down the aisle. The kind of rare change that feels good as it happens, instead of like you're dying. Our chance meeting has become one of those moments."
Austin: "Good ... for you?"
Margaret: "Literally everything is different now. You have saved my life, Dr. Langham."

All my dreams fulfilled.


Austin: "This is the part where we talk me out of fucking Margaret Scully."
Alan Ruck, Therapist: "I doubt it. Tell me what's going on, you gorgeous freak."
Austin: "I don't have a Thing for older women, I have a thing for women. Like maybe our last session about Margaret there was a point to it, maybe she comes up against the mother archetype. But Jane was an adventuress! People watched us fuck! And Tracy before that was a sex kitten, and Diane was an unapproachable ice queen..."
Ruck: "Do you think maybe that your willingness to reduce women to easy 'types' is actually a failing of yours, rather than theirs? We see what we're looking for."
Austin: "I don't follow."
Ruck: "Think ya do! I'm saying, have you ever met a woman who was a real person?"
Austin: "Nonsense phrases."
Ruck: "Oh my God, you're so full of shit."

"All I know is, I was driving with Margaret, I was feeling great, I was gonna eat a plate of linguini, we were gonna go to the hotel, hump our brains out. Perfect evening. I really like linguini. And then she goes... You know the High Striker at the carnival? You swing the mallet and hit the bell? What if you did that, took a whack at it, and instead of the bell ringing it goes, Oh my God, oh my God thank you, that feels so amazing, I've never been this happy in my entire life."

Ruck: "Is that not literally what I just said? An inanimate object -- designed for your competition, by the way, with other men -- suddenly comes alive and starts talking?"
Austin: "Isn't our time almost up?"
Ruck: "Makes no difference to me. At this rate you'll still be on that couch when they invent VCRs."

People who are bad at therapy but keep going to therapy are, in 2013, the worst kind of people. They are there for reasons that are gross, and they are lying to themselves about their work in a way that is almost as abhorrent to me as actual suicide. But in 1957, the idea of this dude throwing himself against the wall like this, again and again, is actually pretty beautiful. He doesn't know what it is or how to find it, but he knows it's there, just on faith (generally, but also partly from his faith in Jane and her wisdom, which is a whole other thing that's also pretty cool), and no matter how much it pisses Alan Ruck off, he's gonna keep looking for it. (Ethan Haas same thing, in a different way.) There's just something so genuine about it, I love it. That well-intended, Roger Sterling post-LSD kind of earnest narcissism. And you know, maybe after enough therapy he'll stop cheating on his wife and then he'll be pretty solid all around.

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Masters of Sex




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