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The High Striker
Gini: "Honey, you're sweet but one thing you are not is a reliable narrator as far as what's going on in your marriage. I need measurable data."
Bill: "I will fuck my wife. Fine."
Gini: "All right then. End of discussion."

Ladies first. It's a matter of etiquette, not biology.


Gini leaves first, and runs into Ethan coming off a late-night delivery. When Masters exits, Ethan takes a beat before his eyes go wide. Gini steps between him and the door to Room Five -- the rumpled sheets, the facts and figures -- and sparkles brightly.

Gini: "Ethan! I've been meaning to tell you, the kids just love the car. Remember? Remember how you're a big strong man and I couldn't go there without you to protect me? And then you cosigned the loan because I was all alone and you are my friend? Remember? God, you're powerful."
Ethan: "I have to go throw up, excuse me."

"So now he's all butthurt. Great. At least he didn't punch us in the face. I'd call that progress, wouldn't you? Yeah, you're right Gini. That went oh-kay. Vivian Scully, wherever you are, brace yourself. This is either gonna go great for you, or awful for us all. Now, time for bed."


Libby comes home from the market to an empty, but well-lit home; Bill's nowhere to be seen. Then he appears like a monster at the back door, arms full of firewood: "I'm locked out!" he says, a double-entendre not even he knows he's making.

"I went to get some firewood from the stack behind the garage, the door slammed shut, I got locked out, it's freezing! Romance is for jerks!"

Libby chuckles, putting her coat around him and laughing at the image as he warms up.

Bill: "I had this weird idea we could have dinner in front of the fire?"
Libby: "Haven't done that in a long time."
Bill: "This either! Smooch!"
Libby: "Well, well, well. Gini Johnson, this one's for you. Literally."


Austin: "Before the hotel, let's go out for dinner so I can obsess more on cuckolding your husband, which we both think is big game because we don't know what gay is. It really gets me off because even straight sex is still mostly about men."
Margaret, literally: "I've never had any secrets from him. But now I have you. I want to keep you to myself, and at the same time tell everyone. I am Freudian theory incarnate."

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Masters of Sex




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