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The High Striker

Maybe instead of being a serial killer, in the season finale poor put-upon Mrs. Langham will just bust up into this nasty orgy hospital and start taking motherfuckers out.


Libby: "I'll keep this brief. You know how we're best friends?"
Gini: "Yeah, you're like my favorite person."
Libby: "And friends do favors, right?"
Gini: "You know I would do anything for you. Especially these days."
Libby: "Think you can get Bill to throw me one?"
Gini: "You have no idea how much better I'd feel about life. Consider it done."

RM 5

Note that she broached the subject after the next session. He's still getting dressed when we rejoin them; she's all buttoned up and inches from the door.

Bill: "Virginia Johnson, stop ordering me to fuck my wife! You are a nosey parker!"
Gini: "She came to me, Bill. We are bros, Bill."
Bill: "And you couldn't say, I don't feel comfortable discussing this?"
Gini: "Use all your faculties and try to imagine me ever saying that. About anything."

"You know, Jonas Salk volunteered himself and his family to be the first test subjects for the polio vaccine. Werner Forssmann inserted a urethral tube into his elbow, pushed it to his heart, then x-rayed himself, to prove that cardiac catheterization is possible. There is a long and very healthy tradition of scientists making themselves the subject of their own studies..."

Gini: "See I thought you were going somewhere else with that. Are we really just straight up talking about our justifications for doing this? That seems a little naked."
Bill: "I am a man of science! I won't be judged!"
Gini: "Nobody is judging you. Stop getting defensive and start fucking your wife. I can't do the study if it's throwing off your boudoir game. That makes it cheating."
Bill: "I will not discuss my sex life with you!"
Gini: "That is literally every conversation we have ever fucking had! Grow UP!"

Gini: "Okay, I don't know about you, but I am real clear on the line here."
Bill: "We're pretending I am too. Aren't we? I mean, it is for science."
Gini: "However weird it gets, it cannot affect Libby. I love her, I won't do it."
Bill: "It won't!"

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Masters of Sex




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