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The High Striker
Barton: "We don't have the vocabulary, though. There are not words to explain the truth, so I'm left without words to explain it to you. I wish I could catch you before you fall back, onto the cliché, but wouldn't it be better if we were both just happy?"
Margaret: "Listen. Somebody is choosing me over his wife. Somebody great. So now I know how that feels. I am every part of this story, I've read for every role. And now that we're thawing out and I can ask questions, I have a lot of questions. Because you're right, we don't have the words for the truth, so I fall back on this. The problem lies with me, because I'm a woman, and not you, because gay isn't a thing. Therefore I'm hideous. Which taints our relationship, but more importantly calls my beauty, with him, into question. Wherever the fault lies, then, is literally unimaginable. It makes me feel crazy. The world is not matching up with the signals I am getting from the world. Tell me you have a mistress."
Barton: "I can't do that. You're the most beautiful woman in the world."
Margaret: "Then what the fuck is left?"

"You have to make them love you. That's the real story."


Virginia: "Drop that stinkface and say hello to your new secretary, Jane."
Jane: "Dr. Masters! So excited to be working with you again. And this time, clothed!"
Masters: "Virginia, by the time you get in my office I will have figured out something to yell at you about with this."
Jane: "That's cool, but first, you have six patients this morning, the first is at 9:30, Mrs. Holloway, and you have lunch with a Dean Braverman, which I wasn't sure if that was his name or title, so I made a reservation at the Faculty Club just in case, and also if there's a smell in your office, I got Maintenance to take care of the coffee stain by your desk, so sorry about that but it should quickly dissipate."
Masters: "Uh..."
Virginia: "LOL. Oh, and one more thing."
Jane: "Right, right. Anesthesia. A-N-E-S-T-H-E-S-I-A. Anesthesia."
Virginia: "We good?"
Masters: "We... are good. Fine."
Virginia: "You bet your ass we are. Get to work, you old so-and-so."


Austin's momentarily weirded out when Barton gets on the elevator with him, but Barton's understandably preoccupied from this morning's entertainment -- Did I mention she threw a dish? Homegirl threw a dish -- but since the only person actually getting screwed by any of this is Austin's wife, whom we do not know, it's acceptable that it's played for laughs.

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Masters of Sex




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