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The High Striker
Libby: "Long day? Come unwind. With me, your wife. Who is ready to roll."
Bill: "Why don't I draw a bath?"
Libby: "For two?"
Bill: "I've had a long, trying day and the tub clearly won't accommodate us both."
Libby: "You are not 27. And you sure as shit are not impressing me."


The next morning is a little too much to bear. He doesn't want to discuss it -- doesn't even seem to begrudge it -- but Freud tells us that a woman's desire is located in a secret, and this is the secret she wants him to find. To snoop, to go through her coat pockets. To fight.

Barton: "In more interesting news, the Cardinals won yesterday."
Margaret: "Oh, we are fighting about this. Make no mistake."
Barton: "I trust you to tell me what I need to know."
Margaret: "You know what you need to know. Your wife was getting plowed by another man while you were on a business trip. Why is this not a problem?"
Barton: "I mean, I guess it's a problem? I'm kind of happy for you. I'm definitely jealous as hell, which..."
Margaret, verbatim: "-- ACT LIKE I MATTER."

"Men don't know what they want, sweetheart. That's why they have wives: To tell them."

Barton: "I mean, throw a whole fit? I don't want to... I don't want to yell, Margaret."
Margaret: "Because it would be hypocritical, is that it? Glass houses?"
Barton: "I sure as hell don't know what you mean. And you don't either."
Margaret: "The fight I am trying to have with you is not the fight you are avoiding! Look, that's gotta be it. You haven't touched me in six years."
Barton: "There are no other woman. There has never been another woman. Technically."
Margaret: "Then it's just me? I'm just awful? I'm repulsive?"
Barton: "We don't desire where we love, Margaret. You're the center of my life, I can't imagine anything without you. Everything I have, or made, is synonymous with you, with us. Please don't imagine otherwise. Don't see boogeymen where there are none. You have no rival."

Margaret: "I mean, this would have made sense to me before. It always made sense, we've been married fucking forever and I never even questioned it. So the real story is, what changed? What has changed is me. Me, the person asking you why we have been living this way this whole time. Who finally has the vocabulary."

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Masters of Sex




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